How to kill Royce in Cyberpunk 2077?

How to kill Royce in Cyberpunk 2077?

 On this page of the Cyberpunk 2077 guide, you will find information on how to defeat Royce using Power Armor. Main Mission: Non-Eruption in Malstrom.

If you completed the optional goal during this task and arrived at a meeting with Meredith Stout, then one of the dialogue options would be  "[Take a credit chip.] So you agreed" upon arrival to the gang, you can pay for the Bolt product using this chip. After that, Royce will run away and you will meet him at the end of the mission as the Boss.

Note: the outcomes in the quest may be different, some of them will never lead to a battle with Royce.

Exodus # 1: You can pay the gang with your own money.

Exodus # 2: If you gave up Meredith's chip and asked for a discount "Would you like to give us a discount?", Then the next dialogue option would be "[Shoot Royce.] I've had enough", as a result of which you will kill Royce without fighting him.

How to defeat Royce?

If you come to the option that you still have to eat with it, then stick to the strategy - bias. Hide behind the car and shoot at vulnerable spots, as your enemy is covered by a shield that is difficult to penetrate.

Important: He has a weak point (orange) in his lower back, if you use cover well, you can get close to him, then slip past him, shoot his weak point, retreat to take cover, and repeat (shotguns are good for this tactics). 

What items drop after defeating Royce?

  • [Epic / Purple] Spiked Maelstromg Short Sleeve Jacket (Outer Torso, 13.4 Armor / + 15% Critical Hit Chance / Block Damage Reduction)
  • [Rare / Blue] Chaos (Tech Pistol, 79.9 DPS, 18-22 Damage, can be charged to fire a powerful shot).

Note: the same items can be found if you kill him during the dialogue.

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