How to make a lot of eddies in Cyberpunk 2077

 The best ways and actions to earn as many Eurodollars as possible

Eddie is a slang for money in Cyberpunk 2077. You will hear this term more than once throughout the game, especially among street children. In this guide, we will tell you about the best ways to farm Eurodollars (yeah, this is the official currency of Knight City, which appeared after the United States joined the European Economic Community).

Eddies will come in handy for anything: eating "dolls" (sex for money), buying a pistol, cyberimplants, scripts (demons) for non-runner abilities, equipment, consumables, rare components for crafting, and so on. And if you need several Eurodollars to buy soda, then you will have to save 50-150 thousand for a new car, motorcycle or house. From the very beginning, the game will tease you with unique cyberimplants, weapons, equipment that can be bought from rippers and merchants. You simply cannot afford such expensive equipment. Especially considering the fact that almost immediately V will go into debt and will have to save 21,000 euros to pay off with Vic. However, he can wait.

How to make a lot of eddies in Cyberpunk 2077

In no case buy a perk that allows you to disassemble the trash into parts. If you are not going to get involved in crafting, there will be no benefit from the resulting components. Therefore, it is best to sell junk in shops and vending machines!

The most efficient way to make money is by completing missions. The main and side quests will not bring as much money as we would like. The same goes for orders you receive from fixers (eg Regina Jones). A bit of eddie will be credited to V's account for investigating criminal activities (helping the police) and killing gangs. But all this together will give tangible profits. Relax and have fun!

The next moment - you need to search all the corpses and loot absolutely everything that is scattered around. Cyberpunk has a lot of items that can end up in V's pockets. Then, when visiting a vendor or vending machine (look for the "white cube" on the map or radar), sell all the trash by pressing J. You can also sort weapons and other equipment by price. So you will roughly understand what the value of certain things is, and you can sell what you really do not need. Don't forget that iconic weapons, like any other, can be upgraded to the current V level. This will raise both the cost and the efficiency of the equipment. Thus, if you like some iconic weapon, you are used to using it, just remember to upgrade the item from time to time. And to collect even more trash,

How to make a lot of eddies in Cyberpunk 2077

The game has a lot of food and consumables. Trust me, you won't use even half of all this. Therefore, I would recommend leaving only medicines and grenades from consumables. Sell ​​food, drinks, and so on. If you need money urgently, stop completing story missions. Get distracted and take on any secondary missions, activities and orders.

Study the map carefully. See the sea wave symbols? These are the crimes that need to be investigated to help the Knight City cops. Feel like a Dark Knight and throw yourself to the aid of a city drowning in crime. The most common crimes are raids, which are marked with a club symbol. In these events, you need to eliminate four to eight opponents. Finish everyone, search corpses and boxes. Not only will you get decent money for completing the activity itself (more money can be obtained where the requirement for the difficulty level is higher). You will also be given a reputation, experience points, and valuable things can be hidden in containers. For example, in one of them I was able to find the legendary mantis blades. In general, you can find a bunch of legendary items. Average per crime

How to make a lot of eddies in Cyberpunk 2077

Also pay attention to the orders that are highlighted on the map with yellow and black "question mark" markers. These are usually shorter missions than the standard side or story missions, but many of them come with decent money. When you approach the place of order fulfillment, one of the fixers will call you, who will tell you what to do. This order will appear in V's journal and you can track its progress. Usually you need to steal something, save someone, kill or render harmless. All this is money, experience, reputation and valuable loot.

As for loot, yes, there are a lot of items in the game, and if you don't increase the carrying capacity, there is a high probability that you will clog your inventory with all kinds of trash. Instead, I would recommend picking up any green items. Better yet, start with blue and end with purple and yellow. Simple (white) weapons are too cheap and of little use. But it takes the same 5-6 kg as its rare, epic or legendary counterpart.

Upgrade your intelligence to level 5 and use fast hacking as often as possible. Unlock advanced datamining in the "Hacking Protocol" by intelligence to increase the amount of money earned for hacking access points (look for these points in enemy territories, in the form of wall panels, laptops, antennas, and so on). This perk will increase profits by 50%. And the next level of the perk is 100%!

With the first skill level, when hacking an access point, you will earn approximately 600 Eurodollars at a time. However, eddies do not drop out every time. Their number is also random. But every time you hack, you will receive more components. Alternatively, you can use a quick hack to steal eddies from other people's pockets.

Unlimited money in Cyberpunk 2077

There is one interesting method that allows you to earn unlimited eddies. Look for vending machines in Knight City that offer all products not at 5, but at 10 Eurodollars. Buy absolutely the entire assortment from the machine, pick up things in your inventory and disassemble them into components. These will be normal and uncommon (green) materials. By unlocking the Mechanic perk, you can get even more components when disassembled. Pump this skill at least once.

Then go to the crafting menu and create as many unusual (green) weapons as possible from the resources obtained from dismantling the purchased items. You get experience for crafting for every weapon you create, and it accumulates very quickly. This will give you unlimited crafting experience. Before crafting any item, you can check its price. Just hover over it. Therefore, create the most expensive things. Finally, go to a vending machine or vendor and sell all of these items. You will get a lot more money than you spent buying all these things from the vending machine.

Using the Nekomata rifle as an example: I received 78 Eurodollars in net profit for the manufacture and sale of each. One rifle requires components, which can be obtained from 10 cans of soda. This is 100 Eurodollars. The more items you buy from vending machines, the more weapons you can craft and the higher your income.

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