How to Prepare for FIFA 21 ICON Swaps and Get Free Icon Cards in FIFA 21 FUT

How to Prepare for FIFA 21 ICON Swaps and Get Free Icon Cards in FIFA 21 FUT

 We give you all the recommendations you should make to prepare before the arrival of the FIFA 21 ICON Swaps, so that you already have some of the work done.

We are just a few hours away from EA launching a new icon exchange in FIFA 21 , an opportunity that we are going to have to get those classic cards totally free by performing a series of objectives, and so that you are not caught by surprise we are going to give you some tips so that you prepare with total guarantee.

At the time of writing this guide, the new FIFA 21 icons are not yet available, and that is why we are going to focus the guide so that you can prepare for them, so once you see that they are already included you can directly go to for them before it's too late.

The truth is that these FIFA 21 icon cards are really valuable, because we are going to have those classic players with different ratings throughout their professional careers, and they are great for creating dream teams by gathering stars from different generations.

How to Prepare for FIFA 21 ICON Swaps and Get Free Icon Cards in FIFA 21 FUT

It is expected that 24 cards of icons or tokens will appear and are achieved by performing objectives, and this year we could have friendly objectives as has happened previously with the Beckham card.

If we look back, Squad Battles EA has always been asking for players from not very big leagues, as well as players from rare countries, so you should take a look at your inventory to see what you currently have available. You should have some interesting player from less common leagues like Latin America or even from certain European countries like the Dutch league.

With regard to Rivals, they usually ask for important leagues of the five European ones.

They also tend to ask first-owner players. That is why we advise you to try to make a team for each of the major leagues, and have it already made, using the majority of first-owner players. This way you will have the path done before the different objectives of the icons arrive.

FIFA 21 ICON Swaps

You can also create a team with a whole lineup of Champions cards , so it is recommended that you also try to get these types of cards because later in the transfer market it will be at a much higher price.

One way to prepare, and that is going to involve a very low investment of coins, is to open all the 400 bronze envelopes you can. In almost all the bronze envelope openings you will get a letter that more or less can be sold for certain currencies, to recover the investment and get other extras. If you take this to the maximum by opening many more envelopes you can get a few coins.

Those that you cannot sell at a good price you can use to improve bronzes. So you can go to SBC, you upgrade, and you make the bronze upgrade so that they will give you silver, and those silvers you put in the silver upgrade to get gold. 

Then you can go to the Player pick improvements that will ask you for silver that you have already obtained for the bronze improvements, and they will also ask you for gold that you can take from those previous silver improvements.

Now the unique players of Player pick can be put into the Champions League improvement if you see that you will not be able to take advantage of them for something else.

So we advise you to do the above steps during the next few hours because it seems that the new event of the ICON Swaps of FIFA 21 is about to fall. 

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