How to save Evelyn Parker in Cyberpunk 2077?

 In this guide, we will talk about the fate of one of the main characters Evelyn Parker, namely about the 2nd chapter of the campaign. In one of the main tasks, the girl's life will be in danger, and V will have to help her. At this point, several side quests open.

Important: There are a lot of spoilers below !! They are mainly related to events that cannot be avoided or changed.

Evelyn Parker in Cyberpunk 2077

As a reminder, Evelyn Parker is a female / escort doll. You will first meet her during the first chapter of the campaign, in the main mission "Cherche la femme". You meet Evelyn at the Lizzis Bar , who will introduce you to her friend Judy Alvarez.

Evelyn's storyline will change completely after the transition to the second act of the game. It turns out that Evelyn is missing / kidnapped. Vee and Judy will work together to find her. Within the framework of this cooperation, you can complete the main missions:

  • Dollhouse is a visit to a dollhouse called "Clouds" and interrogation of its owner Dubman.
  • Secret Pleasures - This includes researching Finger's Ripper Clinic pointed out by Dudman (or via a message from his computer).
  • Malfunction - During this quest, you explore the Charter Hill Power Station.

The search for Evelyn takes place after reaching one of the last rooms of the power plant. V has to rip the cable out of her body and help get Evelyn to Judy's apartment.

As part of the next story mission, "Double Life", you can return to Judy's apartment and try to ask Evelyn questions about the abduction and her current state. Unfortunately, all attempts to get answers from her will fail.

Unfortunately, Evelyn's storyline has a sad ending. Some time after the completion of the third part of the Passion Dolls mission, the main character V will call and ask for a meeting - this will be a new Annihilation side mission. Once you reach Judy's apartment, you learn that Evelyn has committed suicide. Unfortunately, you cannot save her, and you cannot prevent her suicide attempt by behaving differently in the previous quests.

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