How to see the true ending of Hollow Knight: all the requirements you must meet

How to see the true ending of Hollow Knight: all the requirements you must meet

Hollow Knight has three endings, but only one is the one that reveals the complete destiny of the game and our character. We tell you how you can unlock this special ending.

Hollow Knight is one of the best metroidvania of recent years and this honor has been achieved by being a deep title full of secrets and incredible stories. The ending of Hollow Knight's plot hides several options depending on the choice the player makes. 

However, the last ending is the one that truly represents the complete conclusion to the Hollow Knight story . To be able to see it we will have to meet a series of requirements and here we show you what you have to do to be able to see it with your own eyes. 

How to see the true ending of Hollow Knight: all the requirements you must meet

Hollow Knight is a demanding game , so don't expect anything too kind to the player. To unlock this secret ending we will have to show off our domain with the Stinger and platform jumps. Before definitively entering the matter, we advise that this guide contains spoilers.

If you have reached the final phase of the game, when fighting the Hollow Knight, there are three possible scenarios. To access the third we will have to have the Heart of Void and perform a very specific action. When Hornet has tied to the boss, you must hit him with the Dream Stinger.

With this you will enter into the evil that plagues Hallownest and you will have to fight with the true final boss of the game: The Flash . This is a combat that represents the culmination of everything we have learned in Hollow Knight so be prepared for a challenge of great dimensions. Once El Destello is defeated, we will be able to know the fate of our little knight.

However, in order to intervene during combat with the Hollow Knight Hornet we must have the object, Void Heart . Getting it is not an easy task. First you must get hold of the two parts that make up the Soul of the Monarch . One of them is awarded to you for completing the White Palace , a platform area that is very difficult to overcome. The second part you get at the hands of the White Lady in the Gardens of the Queen , after defeating the Disloyal Lord.

Once you equip this Monarch Soul , you must go to Birthplace , at the bottom of the abyss and there you will open the entrance to get said object. With this, you will be able to access the scene where Hornet attacks the Hollow Knight. Luck!

Although there is one more hidden ending, this is the one that has a real relevance. For the next you will have to overcome the Pantheon, but that is another story.

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