How to set up Xbox Series X when you turn it on for the first time

How to set up Xbox Series X when you turn it on for the first time

Releasing a console is always an exciting time for anyone. Players already have Xbox Series X at home and more units are expected to arrive in the coming months. But before installing the first games and starting to play, you need to configure the machine to work properly. It is always recommended to update Xbox Series X to the latest version of the software available , as this serves to fix system errors that were not previously detected. But it's not the only thing to keep in mind, so this guide explains how to set up Xbox Series X when you turn it on for the first time.

In the box are all the necessary components to connect the console: power cable, ultra high speed HDMI cable and of course the Xbox Wireless Controller. When looking for a place for it, keep in mind that the HDMI cable is 2 meters long. The Xbox Series X is designed to stand upright for the best ventilation. Therefore, you should not put anything that blocks the upper ventilation grill. Now that you know the basics of the console and its technical characteristics , you have to connect it near the television.

1. Turn on Xbox Series X and start setting up

You can turn on the console from the Xbox button on the wireless controller or from the power button on the console itself . The power button is shaped like the Xbox logo and sits at the top. The button will remain lit while the system is turned on. Then the Xbox logo appears large on the screen and the system configuration asks for the download of the official application to continue from there.

2. Download the application on your mobile

The Xbox app is available for Android and iOS from their respective digital stores. You can download it from Google Play or the App Store . If you already have it installed, open the app and sign in with your Xbox Live account . Inside, select [Configure a console] on a console icon. Enter the 8-digit code that appears at the top of the television screen to connect your Xbox Series X console to the app.

3. Configure the console from the application

The application will guide the user to fully configure the Xbox Series X console. Some of the parameters that must be configured are the WiFi connection, the language and the location , the update of the console or the preferences for sharing data. The first step in setting up the console is choosing the language and location. Click [Next] to confirm this information. Then select the WiFi network to connect to your home network. So hit the [Join] button and enter the WiFi password.

When the console connects to the Internet it is time to update the system software to its latest version. In the application the message to update appears and you just have to click [Next]. The console will begin the update process which will take a few minutes. Meanwhile, you can follow the configuration from the mobile, where you have to select the energy plan : energy saving or immediate start. Hit [Next] after selecting one of the two options.

You can also configure login preferences to block access by other users and protect the console owner's data in some way. Under these lines you have all the available options. After this step, you can also [Enable instant login] if you wish. In this way, you will log into your user account automatically every time you turn on the console.

  • Barrier-free: other people can log in and freely access all content. So it is perfect for family members.
  • Ask for my passkey - This will always ask for the passkey before logging in, purchasing, or changing settings.
  • Block: no one can enter your account unless you authorize the login , purchases and other functions.

You can then enable or disable automatic updates for games and applications, and enable remote features. The latter can be used to connect with the console from the mobile to download games and other tasks without being near the machine. Finally, the application will ask you to assign a name to your console to differentiate it from another, if you have one. To finish the configuration, you only have to allow or not the sending of offers, notifications and other information of the brand through your email.

You can continue exploring the application where you will find other functions such as connecting with social networks and searching for friends . To continue the configuration process you have to update and connect the controller. So you can go back to the console to pair the Xbox Wireless Controller.

4. Pair the Xbox Wireless Controller to Xbox Series X

The Xbox Wireless Controller runs on 2 AA batteries and when the console update is complete, it's time to pair the controller . To do this, you will have to press and hold the Pair buttons on the controller (on the back of it) and on the console (on the front next to the USB port).

  1. Insert 2 AA batteries into the Xbox Wireless Controller.
  2. Connect the controller to the console by pressing and holding the Pair button for each device.
  3. Press the Xbox button on the controller to turn it on until it starts to flash .
  4. Select [Update Controller] on the setup screen.
  5. Click [Next] after seeing the update confirmation screen.

Lastly, the console will search for the best setting for your TV , although you can skip this step if you wish. For example, Xbox Series X will test if 4K technology works on your TV. If it works, it will give you the option to keep 4K enabled or go back to the original resolution. If 4K doesn't work on your TV, you can continue without it. The next screen you will see will be the home screen, where you can download the games and applications to start playing .

From now on you can reconfigure some parameters from the Xbox Series X main menu. To return to the TV settings, you can enter [Profile and system] and the [Calibrate TV] option to get a sharper image according to your TV settings. The same goes for HDR which has its own automatic settings from [My games and apps]. Just follow the steps shown to set up your console.

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