How to silently kill enemies in Cyberpunk 2077?

How to silently kill enemies in Cyberpunk 2077?

Cyberpunk 2077 offers many ways to complete missions and achieve goals, one of the ways is STEALTH mode (silent). In this exploration, we'll go over the basics of quiet operation and then present some tips for stealthy characters.

Any character can sneak, no special skills are required. If you bought a lot of skills related to battles, then there is no point in trying to silently kill enemies. Hacking is an integral part of quiet murders.

When sneaking, first of all, start by squatting using the following buttons:

  • C on keyboard
  • circle / B on joystick

To effectively stay in the shadows, you must avoid the gaze of enemies. Pay attention to the highlighted cones on the minimap, showing the direction and the area in which enemies see you - avoid this.

An eye icon above the enemy means that he can see you. When the marker is full, it will turn into a red exclamation mark- this means you have been revealed, the enemy will notify the others and begin to attack you.

The further you are from the enemy, the slower it will detect you. So you can afford more by staying away from the enemy. 

How to quietly kill enemies in Cyberpunk 2077?

There are two ways in the game to kill the enemy without being noticed:  The first way is to grab the enemy (F on the keyboard, square / X on the console), and then kill or stun - pay attention to the marks on the screen to take the appropriate action. You can move with a captured enemy for a while - the more developed the Strength characteristic, the more time you can drag the enemy. Enemies with the red skull icon cannot be captured.

The second way is to destroy the enemy with a silenced weapon or throwing knives, however, you must kill the enemy from the first hit, otherwise he will warn the rest. After killing, you have the opportunity to hide the body of the enemy so that others do not notice it. If the body is found, the enemies will start sounding the alarm and notify the others.

Note: In Cyberpunk 2077, you can tag enemies so that their silhouettes are visible even through walls. It definitely makes planning and follow-up easier.

Hacking cameras during stealth

As mentioned earlier, hacking complements stealth and silent destruction. You can help yourself with even the simplest hacker attacks in a silent passage. Here are the main methods for combining stealth and hacking:

Lure the enemy using a hack called "Distracting Enemies" , then approach him and eliminate him.

Temporarily turn off the enemy's vision using a hack called "Reload Optics" , then eliminate him (or destroy the target he was looking at).

When sneaking up, you also need to keep an eye on cameras , which, like enemies, have a vigilance indicator and can detect you, showing your position to enemies. Cameras are most easily recognized by the laser beams coming out of them, visible after scanning the surroundings. Avoid these beams as they will trigger detection.

You can just slip past the cameras, but a much better way is to turn them off or activate ally mode . The second hack will prevent the camera from seeing the enemy in you. You can also control and look through cameras. This is a great way to hack devices or enemies that are far from you, especially since you can “switch” between cameras, moving even further. 

How to learn to sneak?

The main way to increase the effectiveness of stealth is to invest in the Composure stat, which reduces the visibility of VI and increases the damage it does when sneaking.

Also useful pluses - pay special attention to the Sneak tab. You will find many great abilities here, including the ability to throw knives, poison enemies, or simply increase weapon damage when using silencers. 

Bottom line: the more hacking skills you have, the easier it will be for you to sneak and kill enemies quietly.

Best Skills for Cyberpunk 2077 Stealth

To begin with, you need to understand that all the abilities you need for this are in the Composure characteristic , in the Stealth section.

Passive - Crouching Tiger increases stealth movement speed by 20%.

Another important ability - Clean Work, allows you to IMMEDIATELY pick up the bodies of enemies after killing, and not wait until they fall to the ground.

Ninjutsu skill doubles damage if you are crouching. Very effective when firing with a silencer.

The Shadow Skill allows you to make mistakes, increasing the time until your detection by 20%. Thanks to this, you can act a little more relaxed.

Skills in the Intelligence characteristic , in the Quick hack section.

An important passive skill is Sequential Chain, which reduces the cooldown of scripts by 10%.

There is never too much memory, which means that the Forget-me-not skill is worth buying one of the first. An enemy affected by one of your scripts will instantly replenish 1 unit of memory if it is disarmed.

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