How to spin an affair with Panam Palmer in Cyberpunk 2077

How to spin an affair with Panam Palmer in Cyberpunk 2077

You will have many options for romantic relationships. And Panam Palmer is one of the girls who prefer traditional heterosexual relationships.

Panam Palmer is one of the characters you will meet in the course of the story quests. After completing story missions in the Badlands, the girl will contact you and ask for help. You will be able to complete 3 side quests . And if done correctly, the story ends with a romance scene with Panam inside the tank (after the third mission).

For a start, advice: choose those dialog phrases that will support Panam. Always say that she is right, protect her and do whatever the girl asks. If she wants a drink, have a drink with her! If she asks if you want to go with her, agree. Spend as much time as possible. If you can physically touch Panama, do it!

Main quest

After you return the girl's car, agree to help her with the gang. Ask where the hideout is. Kill enemies and find yourself in a bar. Have a drink with the girl and offer to rent one room for two. Sleep in a separate bed.

In the task “Leaving, turn off the light”, after you scan the enemy camp (at the crash site) with a drone, tell the girl to stay in the car. When you save Mitch, sit next to Panam and tell him you need Hellman. Ask if she will help. Say that you will help settle scores with Kang Tao. When you find Hellman and Sol, the leader of the Panam Palmer faction, appears, tell him that Panam is innocent.

Panam First Side Quest (Storm Riders):

  • Because we are chumbs.
  • Quiet work. Just right for two.
  • When Panam asks, tell her that you will go with her.
  • After rescuing Saul, when you sit on the couch with the girl, tell Saul that this is "Shitty idea and Panam is right." She will thank you.
  • When Saul leaves, tell her that she would be more comfortable without shoes.
  • Touch Panam's thigh. Agree that you will remain friends.
  • In the morning say, "So so, my back aches."
  • "I thought you were staying with your family."
  • After Panam approaches his motorcycle and prepares to leave (and you pick up the "Observer" rifle, stop it and talk about last night.

Panam Second Side Quest (Don't Call Saul):

  • The girl will contact you in time. Go to the temporary camp. Communication with Sol doesn't matter.
  • When you are seated at the table, tell the Panamas that you are in business. Agree to ride with Panam.
  • When you find the punch card in the control room, stop by the window and tell them you missed the girl.
  • "So let's get started"
  • "Good. We don't have to walk on tiptoe. "
  • So far, so good.
  • Why is everything different with me?
  • Touch Panam's hand.
  • As you sit by the fire, ask if she is worried about Saul.
  • "I think I'll try to get some sleep."
  • Snuggle closer, saying it's colder. This will be a romantic scene. V together with the girl will look at the stars.

Panam's third side quest:

  • Once inside the tank, ask if anyone has launched it before.
  • It's nice and cozy here.
  • After finishing driving and shooting, kiss the girl. This is the most important choice of all! Let the Panamas touch you. This will begin the romance scene.

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