How to take screenshots on Xbox Series X and share them

How to take screenshots on Xbox Series X and share them

Microsoft has bet very heavily on this generation of consoles. You just have to see a comparison between Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S , two consoles with small differences and for different users. The standard console offers more power and performance to improve game quality instantly. Also previous games consoles have graphical enhancements through intelligent technology to deliver the best version of the game on Xbox X Series . The wireless controller has changed slightly, as screenshots can now be taken more easily.

Gamers love sharing the games and adventures that kick off on Xbox Series X. Never has a console had such a comprehensive game catalog on launch day, thanks to Xbox game backward compatibility and the Xbox Game Pass service. . So it's very easy to set up Xbox Series X for the first time and start playing right away. Capture options are now more convenient than ever on the one-button wireless controller called Share.

How to Take and Share Screenshots on Xbox Series X

However, there are several ways to take screenshots . You can press the Share button on the remote and the images are saved in a folder that you have access to from the Xbox button on the remote. Just enter [Recent Captures] to locate the last 7 images taken . If you hold down Share longer, a short video of the last few minutes will be recorded . You can also do the following steps to capture and share at the same time:

  • Press the Xbox button on the wireless controller to open the guide.
  • Select [Capture and Share] .
  • Choose the option [Share the latest capture] or look in [Recent captures] for the image you want to share.
  • Once selected with A, edit the [Message] , click [Twitter] or set the capture to share wherever you want.

User can save all captures and videos to USB device whenever he wants. It is a process very similar to transferring data and saved games from Xbox One to Xbox Series X, so you can free up space on the internal storage of the new console.

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