Immortals: Fenyx Rising: All chests on the clashing Rock

Immortals: Fenyx Rising: All chests on the clashing Rock

In this additional chapter, we show you the locations of various treasures using maps and individual notes. Since some objects are quite easy to find or uncover, we do not comment on every find, but you can find all of them drawn on the maps. These maps are updated as necessary.

Treasure Chests:

Most of the treasure chests in the Butterflies area are fairly easy to find. But there are also a few that are a bit trickier to hide.

Chest 1

This chest can be found in the same room as the little lyre listed here (see the challenge card in the next chapter). To get into the room you have to get into a cave at mid-height of the cliff, in which there is a hand switch. The next one is pretty easy to see once you've found the first one. The last hand switch is difficult to reach, however. Look for bubbles in the water near the waterfall. Dive into the water there. This is how you get to an underwater cave. Look for a small crack there where you can emerge. It leads into a small cave with the last hand switch.

Chest 2

This chest is at the back of the observatory - a little lower. There are two ways to get there, direct or through a long, wet cave on the side of the observatory. The room with the chest is locked. Three foot switches must be weighted to open the lock. To do this, you have to find three rocks and carry them to the step switches. You can find some rocks on the edge of the observatory.

Chest 3:

This box belongs to a small lyre. Access is tricky as four hand switches have to be found (watch out for the four crystals at the main entrance to the palace that indicate which switches have been activated). The first counter is easy to find - it is right in front of the main entrance. The second switch is on the opposite side of the palace, in the back of the building. There a door is blocked by a red energy barrier. The barrier is overridden by putting a weight on the step switch in front of the barrier. A suitable weight in the form of a metal cube can be found above the step switch (or a little in front of it) on the roof battlement. But you can also take any stone you like and bring it there.

It gets trickier with the last two hand controls. They are each located in a room on the long sides of the palace. On the sea side you will find a pedestal with a statue. There are three stones on the base. Throw a stone into the open wall of the palace against the crumbling wall. The crumbling wall is sometimes difficult to see through the shadow of the room. If this wall is open, you will find a target behind a grid. Shoot an Apollon arrow at the target - so the obstacle disappears and you come to the switch.

The fourth switch is on the rock side. There's a tree right in front of the barricaded room. There is an inactive torch on the tree. There's a cave behind the tree. Go into the cave to a chamber that is closed by an energy barrier. Run up the stairs to the left. This is how you get to a hole. Drop in and look for another gate on the left. There is a kick switch behind the gate. Pull the metal cube next to it onto the foot switch so that it is weighed down - the energy barrier disappears. Now you can shoot an Apollo arrow from the room through the burning torch and light the now activated torch on the tree with the lit arrow. This will make the last energy barrier at the palace disappear. The way to the last counter is clear.

Chest 4

Chests 4 and 5 are not difficult to get to in and of themselves, but the solution is easy to miss. You can only get to chest 4 through a cave at sea level (the entrance to the cave faces west). Swim in until you reach a step switch. In the water you will find a weight for the foot switch - you can pull out the metal cube blindly, as long as you stand safely. But the switch needs heavy weights, or two of these little cubes. The second weight for the switch is over you. Look for a hole in the ceiling. If you can't get up there on your own, then dive into the water in the cave and look underwater for access to a small adjoining room that is filled with mushrooms. In this room there is a gate that is permeable. So you can pull the second cube to the hole and let it fall through. If the foot switch is activated, the box can also be opened.

Chest 5

The cave you are looking for is midway between the sea and the top of the rock pillar. In the cave you will find a step switch with an anvil symbol, so you need two medium or very heavy weights, just where to get them? Look to the left. There's a small hole in the supporting structure. Get a cube out of there. You throw the dice on the other side (i.e. to the right of the step switch) against a crumbling wall above head height. This is how you get the second cube.

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