The least we can say is that the Golden Isle of Immortals Fenyx Rising is full of collectibles. Between the Challenges, Ambrosia, Crypts and the 3 types of chests: there is plenty to do! This part of our complete walkthrough sets out to list all of the most accessible collectibles: chests and Ambrosia. In the region of Brisants we have identified 8 Ambrosia, 7 classic chests 12 epic chests and 3 guarded chests (including 1 nocturnal). Here is the exact position of all these beautiful people as well as our tips to access them as easily as possible!


The Ambrosia of Brisants

Here is the exact location of the 8 Ambrosia of the very first region of Immortals Fenyx Rising !

1. At the top of the Hermes statue, you can't miss the very first Ambrosia in the game!

2. Underwater on the way to the “strange glow” of the second quest, an Ambrosia awaits you.

3. Still underwater, but in a puddle this time. A little bit of climbing and it's in the pocket.

4. At the Area Movement Challenge, lift your head to the left, you should see a strange glow.

5. Just behind the previous Ambrosia, climbing the chimney of a house in ruins, a further step towards gaining life will be taken.

6. North of the bridge that joins the starting island and the main island, at the top of a mountain, there is a new Ambrosia.

7. Go to the top of the colonnade of the building to the east of the largest island in the region for the next one!

8. The 8th Ambrosia of the region is located on the small archipelago that is quite difficult to access to the far west. Come with some mushrooms because you will have to climb!

The Chests of Brisants

In Immortals Fenyx Rising , there are 3 types of chests: guarded chests in front of which formidable opponents stand, epic chests, difficult to access but rich in treasures, and normal chests which only contain a few gems and a few plants but which almost never ask for micro-riddle solving. Here are the exact locations of the 7 basic chests in the Brisants region.

1. This chest is located at the top of the rock shaped like a turtle, a bit of climbing and your treasures are yours.

2. Now, go in front of the entrance to the Turtle Island crypt, underwater.

3. This is located below the Observatory Island, on a wreck in the middle of the water.

4. After the bridge that leaves the island of the observatory, turn right: on the mountainside you will find a small recess. Activate the 3 switches (to reach the last one, dive in) and voila!

5. Very south of the starting island (the one where the Hermes statue is located), there is a recess on the mountainside. Break the wall with an ax and get a chest, and a bronze jar!

6. Located on the difficult little archipelago to the west, this chest is guarded by three brave chickens. Parry their charges and voila!

7. This chest is lost in the middle of the sea, southwest of the region.

The Guarded Chests and the Night Chest of Brisants

Guarded Chests are the easiest to access chests in any Immortals Fenyx Rising and they're the ones that hold all of the new weapons. Problem: to open them, you'll have to beat a bunch of monsters. In Brisants, there are only 2 plus 1 Nocture chest.

1. The first guarded chest in the region can be found in the difficult little archipelago to the west of the map. To open it, you will have to fight a huge griffin and two guards armed with shields. It's a very complicated fight if you don't have potions, but the game is worth the effort since it earns an excellent bow that increases the damage of your first arrows.

2. The second guarded chest is a little further, still on the small archipelago. It is extremely complicated. The purple cyclops wouldn't be so terrible if it wasn't surrounded by so many guards! Make your way to this location with a large stockpile of potions and some nice, well-buffed armor. We advise you to start the fight at height, where the Cyclops can do nothing but throw stones. Defeat the soldiers then quietly attack the slow giant by dodging his slaps.


1. On the archipelago to the west of the region, there is a night chest (accessible only at night, as its name suggests). It is very well guarded, we advise you to come equipped!

The Epic Chests of Brisants

Epic chests always contain a piece of armor and tons of gems. They are, by law, the best chests in all Immortals Fenyx Rising . But they also require a bit more research than the others! Each Epic Chest requires you to solve a small puzzle before you reach it. Nothing too bad, we're here to help!

1. Not far from the challenge of moving Hermes, going up the mountain following the blue mushrooms, we come across an epic chest. It is guarded by the minotaur, a big health bag. His blows hurt quite a bit, we advise you to start by attacking him in height with your arrows of Apollo: he will only throw you easily avoidable stones. Then place two columns on the slab drawn from an anvil, and the chest becomes accessible!

2. On the roof of the observatory, under the astronomy sculpture, a new Epic Chest awaits you.

3. Enter the building in front of the astronomy sculpture, break the fragile wall (an ax is enough), use the Apollo arrow to activate the mechanism under the statue and the chest is revealed.

4. It is located on the largest of the islands, at the far east of the map. When arriving, there are two guards to kill and then a switch is directly available. There are 4 to light. For the second, you have to pick up a pebble at the foot of the Faun Statue and throw it at the cracked wall. An arrow from Apollo later and it's in the pocket. For the 3rd, you have to pick up a pebble at the feet of the statue of fauna and place it on a plaque a few meters away. From there, you will have to swim under the temple to access the switch. And for the last one, you have to enter a cave and then use Heracles' force to put down a block of steel that releases a torch to be lit by shooting an Apollo arrow through the grid. And now go back to the temple entrance, merrily beat up the guard and it

5. From the roof of the observatory you can easily spot this chest, in the middle of the water, near the wreck. You have to dive to activate the switch, catch your breath then dive again to get the chest!

6. Observatory always: at the far west of this small island, at the very bottom of the mountain, is a chest behind bars. To raise the grid, place 3 rocks on the dedicated platforms (or 2 and a dash from the middle platform, it also works).

7. North and slightly east of the move challenge, on top of a mountain in a ruined house, you will find a chest. To unlock it, you have to replace the two missing petrified sheep on the empty bases.

8. On one of the small islands in the southwest, you will find a chest: just grab the cube that is in a wreck and place it on the slab to unlock it!

9. In the small archipelago to the west of the map, in the hollow of a cliff, nestles a cave in which this epic chest awaits. To open it, you must place two metal cubes on the plate in front of you. The first is embedded in the ceiling on the left, draw it with your Herculean strength. The second is hidden behind a wall that must be destroyed with an ax preceded by a double jump. And there you have it, the gems and a pretty ugly helmet skin.

10. Still in the small archipelago to the west, but this time at sea level, you will find a recess in a pillar. There is an epic chest. To activate it, you must place two metal cubes on the slab that you will find by diving into the water of the cave, just to the right of the chest.

11. Again and again the archipelago. This time, we'll have to slide an Apollo arrow under a ruin in order to hit a target and free the chest. It only contains one armor skin.

12. Go west of the Observatory, with your feet in the water. You will find a small cave which contains a large block of metal to push up to the slab. In the chest, there is only one helmet skin.

13. It seems to be near the water, close to the Observatory. We spotted it from a distance but it seemed completely impossible to access it. We spent hours there. Whether along the cliff, we dive into the water, combing the area in the hope of finding a hole or a cave: nothing helped. Is this a game bug? Did we miss it? Let us know !

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