Immortals: Fenyx Rising: Chests, Puzzles, Ghosts and Challenges

Immortals: Fenyx Rising: Chests, Puzzles, Ghosts and Challenges

Immortals: Fenyx Rising: Chests, Puzzles, Ghosts and Challenges

In many parts of the overworld you will find different types of challenges. Some of them are guarded by monsters, some are not. However, they all have one thing in common: They reward you for the effort to crack their secret, or at least to eliminate the guarding monsters. In the following lines we describe all common types of puzzles and challenges and give you tips on how to approach them.


In simple chests you can either find lower armor parts (or optical modifications) or - and this is more likely - a little supply of crystals and golden amber capsules. They are protected - if at all - only by lower monsters. Sometimes all you have to do is step on a switch (or weigh it down permanently) to open it.

Guarded Chests

The name says it all: These chests are guarded by monsters. Not necessarily particularly strong ones, but you absolutely have to defeat them, otherwise the corresponding chest cannot be opened. The reward for your effort is correspondingly valuable.

Epic Chest

These chests are guarded by epic monsters or a tricky puzzle. The loot is usually particularly valuable because the work you have to put into it to get to the chest is particularly large.

Night chest

The name says it all here too. These chests can only be opened at night and are only really visible at night. Unfortunately, they are also well guarded at night by strong monsters. If you fail at an attempt (- and that means, for example, that you are too far away from the combat area), you have to postpone your approach to the next night and start over.


Behind Odysseus challenges there is always a task that you have to solve with a bow and arrow. More precisely with Apollon's arrow. Apollon's arrow can be steered in flight. As soon as you have the appropriate skill expansion, you can even manipulate the speed of the arrow. Typically, you have to light the arrow by flying through a flame and then maneuver it in flight through a series of small rings until you arrive at a log or an extinguished torch. You light this with the burning arrow - that completes the challenge. A set of Charon coins beckons as a thank you.

Time trial. Pretty

clear, right? In time trials you always start on a small, round starting field. Directly at the starting field an arrow on the ground shows you in which direction you have to hurry. The race starts the moment you leave the starting field. You will then see a glowing column in the distance that you have to reach before the background music stops. However, the time limit also depends on the level of difficulty selected. The type of time trial depends on the environment. Sometimes it is enough to just run fast, other times you have to find the shortest path while floating and sometimes it is even advisable to use a fast mount. As a reward for running successfully, you will receive Charon coins.


A fresco puzzle consists of a cut up picture, the parts of which are incorrectly sorted. You have to move the parts of the picture in the frame of a pre-made rail and arrange them so that the picture makes sense and is recognizable. For this you usually have two more spaces free in the rail than there are stones. Most fresco puzzles consist of four stones, but there are also some with six. As a thank you, you will receive Charon coins.

Small and large lyre

This involves two-part tasks. In every state of the island you will find a huge lyre, in front of which several yellow apparitions light up. These apparitions represent the lyre puzzles that you will find scattered around the country.

Lyra puzzles can be found under the marker "small lyre" (shown on the map as a musical note. They either consist of a small combat challenge or a mini-puzzle. In both cases, you can dust off a chest as a reward Next to the chest there is always a lyre (an instrument similar to a lyre or a small harp). Stand at the lyre and activate it so that it plays a melody. Note the strings that are plucked with the melody in the correct order. Now hurry (preferably by fast travel) to the large lyre and play the same melody (by shooting arrows at the strings of the large lyre). If you play the melody correctly, you will receive Charon coins.

Ghost Zones

In every major state, a great hero of the myths has been twisted by Typhon and unwittingly fights for his ends. As soon as he discovers Fenyx, he regularly surprises you in ghost zones. Here you will only encounter an illusion of the twisted hero, but it is no less dangerous than the original and should only be treated with respect. So you absolutely need potions as a safeguard when you compete against such a ghost. If this is not the case, then better flee from the spirit.

There is a quest board with special tasks in the Hall of the Gods. You can get some good prizes if you defeat these ghosts one after the other before you put an end to the hauntings.

Hiding ghosts

These dungeons are similar to the Tartaros vaults. They put you in front of small puzzles that you have to solve in order to ultimately face a twisted hero of myths and put an end to the ghost haunt of a federal state. Only enter these hiding spots if you are appropriately equipped. In other words: take a lot of fresh drinks with you.

The boss opponents you encounter are about as strong as the ghosts they send out on the upper world, but they often behave a little differently and try to throw you off your feet. Either way: don't take it lightly!

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