In addition to collectibles and Crypts, you will find on the map a bunch of small challenges that test your skill or your neurons. Here are all the Mythical Challenges from the first region of the game! You will see, they will be even more diversified later in the adventure:

  • Lyres
  • Constellations
  • Travel challenges
  • Ulysses' challenges

Lyres, Frescoes, Constellations, Movement Challenges, Ulysses Challenges... the world of Immortals Fenyx Rising is filled with small challenges that allow you to collect Charon Coins, the currency used to improve your Divine Skills and Powers. These challenges are called "Mythical Challenges". Here is the precise location of all the Mythical Challenges as well as all our tips to successfully complete them!

Of all the Immortal Fenyx Rising Challenges , Lyres are probably the most profitable. Just follow our walkthrough, play a few notes on a giant instrument and collect your Charon pieces!


Great Lyre

As in all regions, there is a Large Lyre near the statue of the God. You must shoot arrows at the strings of this great lyre to replay the sounds heard across the land. The strings are placed in this order, from left to right: green, blue, pink and yellow. Here there are 3 melodies to play:
  • blue / yellow / green
  • pink / green / blue / yellow / yellow
  • yellow / pink / yellow / green

Small lyres

The small lyres are stashed all over the region. Usually, they are accompanied by a safe. Here are those from the Brisant region:

1. This small lyre is located just in front of the island of the turtle, pass there by leaving the crypt "Passage in the abyss" before continuing your quests! You will find the melody there: blue / yellow / green

2. The next lyre is located on the biggest of the islands, at the far east of the map. When arriving, there are two guards to kill and then a switch is directly available. There are 4 to light. For the second, you have to pick up a pebble at the foot of the Faun Statue and throw it at the cracked wall. An arrow from Apollo later and it's in the pocket. For the 3rd, you have to pick up a pebble at the feet of the statue of fauna and place it on a plaque a few meters away. From there, you will have to swim under the temple to access the switch. And for the last one, you have to enter a cave and then use Heracles' force to put down a block of steel that releases a torch to be lit by shooting an Apollo arrow through the grid. And now go back to the entrance of the temple, gleefully beat up the guard and it's in the pocket! The notes played are: pink / green / blue / yellow / yellow

3. After the bridge that leaves the island of the observatory, turn right: on the mountainside you will find a small recess. Activate the 3 switches (to reach the last one, dive in) and voila! The music heard is: yellow / pink / yellow / green

Constellation challenges

In Immortals Fenyx Rising , nothing earns more Charon Coins than a good Constellation Challenges. The principle is simple: you have a certain number of marbles to find all around you to place them on a grid and obtain 10 precious coins. But there is a catch: the marbles are often well hidden or protected by more or less formidable puzzles. Don't panic, we tell you everything in this guide which covers all of the Constellation Challenges in the game!


Meet at the Observatory to take part in this challenge that is more twisted than it seems. Here is the location of all the marbles to find as well as the solution of any puzzle on your way!

As we have just said, the goal is to recover the blue marbles all over the observatory and place them on the ground according to the diagram shown on the wall. You will find them at the base of each building that makes up the observatory. To get the first one, just shoot a flaming Apollo arrow to ignite the blue flame at the top right of the door, and presto, it opens!

For the second, you will have to have a sense of timing. Activate the crank, run quickly by jumping the red portal from the left, and enter the room before the door closes! Be careful, at this time, you must not retrieve the marble that is most prominent in front of you, because this would close the gate which gives access to the third marble, on the left. Go get this third marble. And there you have it, two at once!

You will find the last marble in the building below. Find the fragile spot on the wall, break it with a stone, and voila.

All other Constellation Challenges are coming very soon!

The challenges of displacement

The Immortals Fenyx Rising Movement Challenges require you to stand on a round slab and then run straight for the beam you just lit on the map.


1. On Prologue Island, there is only one Movement Challenge, right in the middle of the map. A shame for the island of Herm├Ęs! First of all, get rid of the two enemies blocking the entrance. Once the Challenge has been launched, stick to the left by holding down the sprint button (it's the same as the dodge button) and basta, no need to even jump!

The Challenges from other regions are coming very soon!

Ulysses' challenges

The Ulysses Challenges will test your ability to direct Apollo's arrow (who knows, this is Ulysses Challenges). Just purchase the skill to slow down your speed. arrows and have one or two energy potions on you to make these challenges the easiest in the game, by far! Here is the location of each of them as well as our tips to never miss your targets.


The two challenges of Odysseus in the region are found on the perilous archipelago to the southwest. Don't try to do them right away, you don't have the level. Wait until you have completed one or two regions before coming back here!

1. The region's first Ulysses Challenge is on a tiny island in the southwest. Do not try to complete this Challenge too early on your adventure: the base energy gauge is not enough to succeed! You have to make a wide circle, passing through a lot of rings. On our side, we were forced to use an energy potion to succeed in this challenge. All this for two poor Charon pieces...

2. A little further on the perilous archipelago of the west, a new challenge of Odysseus awaits you. To succeed, you will first have to open a door at the end of the route, near the chest guarded by a huge cyclops. Shoot down the monster and use the rocks at its feet to activate the slab that allows the door to open. Once the passage is clear, all you have to do is simply do your challenge. Remember to dodge your own at the end of the course!

More pictures as well as challenges from all other regions very soon!

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