Immortals: Fenyx Rising: Walkthrough

Immortals: Fenyx Rising: Walkthrough

Useful tips and a detailed guide to the main story, solving puzzles

Before starting the game, you will be asked to choose a difficulty level. For the first time, the maximum level of "Nightmare" will be blocked - it will open only for replaying Immortals: Fenyx Rising . "High" and "Normal" difficulty levels differ little, and "Story" is more suitable for completely newcomers to the genre. In addition, Immortals: Fenyx Rising has a rather complex combat system and many difficult enemies.

Based on all this, we recommend playing at either the "Low" or "High" difficulty level. On "Low" you will be able to enjoy the plot in the entourage of ancient Greek myths with a pleasant difficulty of the battles, and on "High" you will have to train a lot to gradually clear the world of evil.

Walkthrough Immortals: Fenyx Rising - On a Foreign Shore

Find a weapon

Run forward along the stairs and then climb the rock. To do this, you have to climb - just run up close to the rock and keep pushing forward (Phoenix can climb almost any sheer surface in the game). When you climb up, run forward a little more to pick up your brother's sword.

Defeat enemies

The first fight won't be too hard. Enemies will attack in pairs. Press the sword strike button rhythmically to make combinations. When the dodge button appears, try to learn how to avoid enemy attacks. If you are attacked by two at once, then it is better to inflict 2-3 blows first to one, and then to the other.

Look around from a good vantage point

As in most Ubisoft games, in order to open a terrain on the map, you need to climb the highest point of this terrain or a tower. In Immortals: Fenyx Rising, giant statues of gods serve as towers.

Inspect and climb the statue in the same way as you climbed the rock before. To prevent endurance from running out too quickly, try to climb in stages and rest.

Jump into the pond below 

Jump into the pond

Phoenix is ​​not an assassin, so instead of a leap of faith, he will be able to dive into the pond under the statue as gracefully as an axe. To surface, press the jump key, and then swim to the shore, pushing forward. This is where the first part of the assignment ends.

Find out what this strange glow on the island is

Find out what this strange glow on the island is

Finally, you need a compass! Turn towards the objective of the mission (round black and gold marker on the strip above) and run along the road. You should come to the shore, but there are still about 150 meters to the goal.

On the shore you will be attacked - try to cope with the enemies, switching between them in time and dodging attacks. After the battle, swim across the river to the other side and run further towards the marker.

You will find yourself near a rift, highlighted in red. A two-handed axe will fly there - your second weapon. But first he will have to be returned from the abyss of Tartarus, into which the rift leads.

Walkthrough Immortals: Fenyx Rising - Path to the Abyss

Get an axe

After the comic credits, it turns out that the game is not over yet. Phoenix will come to his senses in one of the locations of Tartarus. Run forward, jumping over the abyss. Press the jump button longer to jump higher. Soon you will come across a round phoenix sign on the floor - it will flash, which will fix the checkpoint in this place (after death, the character will be reborn at the last phoenix sign).

The first abyss of Tartarus shouldn't cause any particular problems in terms of platforming or puzzles - run forward, jump over the chasms, pull the switches. Sometimes you will have to wait for the platform to drive up, and then jump to the other side when she returns with Phoenix.

Daedalus's broken wings will meet before the exit. They will allow you to perform a double jump - just press the corresponding key twice in a row (with a second pause between presses, so that Phoenix is ​​at the highest point of the first jump before the second).

Closer to the end of the abyss you will meet enemies with shields - hit them with an axe, and then finish off with a sword. If the enemy does not die, after the first combination, then bounce and repeat again.
To get to Zeus' lightning bolt and get out of the dungeon, you will have to stand on the circle with the helmet and wait for the platform to drive up. Then jump on her and wait for her to come back with Phoenix.

Golden chance

Climb over the destroyed bridge

At this stage of the passage, you are not yet released into the entire open world, but they are allowed to freely explore the first island. And it's pretty big. However, many of the enemies here are strong enough, and the area of ​​a number of small islands to the south is even for high-level heroes. Therefore, immediately running on the main mission would be a perfectly reasonable decision.

Follow the compass to the black and gold marker until you reach a large stone bridge. Double jumps will help to overcome the gaps - the main thing is to press the key a second time after about a second.

Save the one who called for help

Almost immediately after the bridge, wild boars will come across. At the beginning of the game, this is a fairly serious opponent. Dodge their ramming attacks and strike while they catch their breath. Using an ax will allow you to quickly fill the blue bar under the health bar in order to stun the enemy, and then quickly finish off with a sword.

The objective of the quest is on a hill in a destroyed village. Run there, sometimes being distracted by gathering resources or skirmishing with enemies (but it's better to bypass the bear for now).

Defeat the Gorgon

Here you will be taught how to use stealth. Press the button to start sneaking and move through the bushes to the gorgon. When a prompt appears, click the appropriate button. The first sneak hit will knock out a significant portion of the enemy's health. In a fight with a gorgon, dodge her shots and blows, and try to stun her with an ax as soon as possible. After that, the gorgon will be easy to finish off with swift sword attacks.

After the battle, you will be given Hercules' bracers - they allow you to pull or lift heavy objects such as stones or boxes.

Follow the fugitive to the turtle-like island

Despite the fact that Phoenix threatened a bunch of enemies right under the rock, it is not necessary to go to them immediately - you will have time to farm resources to destroy monsters after passing the prologue. And now your hero is still weak for large concentrations of enemies.

Run towards the marker, avoiding most of the enemies. Cross the river and climb to the platform in front of the stone turtle. Here you need to solve a puzzle to get into the cave. Find a couple of rocks or heavy cubes nearby. They need to be lifted with the help of Hercules' bracers (or pulled from afar) and installed on two plates with a feather icon. The gates will open and you can enter the cave.

Inside there will be another rift leading to the abyss of Tartarus.

Odyssey's Struggle

Collect a bow

Run forward, jumping over pits, until you reach a pedestal with a button. Press the button - two cubes will appear. The left large and heavy one must be installed on the plate with the anvil icon (in the future, you can get by with 2-4 small objects). And the right one is small and light - on a stove with a feather icon (it is enough to install any object on such stoves - there is enough weight).

Then you will come across another pedestal with a button. He will summon a fragile cube from the planks. It must be carefully pulled with the help of Hercules' bracers and placed (see tips with buttons in the interface) in front of the wall. And then climb onto it and make a double jump - now it is enough to climb the wall.

Next, the button calls up two more small cubes. They need to be picked up with the help of Hercules' bracers and thrown (by holding the button) across the abyss towards the pressure plates - the fragments of the walls will not allow the cubes to fall.

Run forward until you reach Odysseus's bow. Then you will need to shoot at targets. Nothing fancy - aim by pressing the button (see the hint on the screen below) and release to fire. If you do not hold the button, then the Phoenix will shoot without aiming, but the arrow will fly very close (sometimes it helps to bring down the enemy's attack). You will also be taught how to control an arrow in flight - useful for hitting a target along a difficult path or through cracks in gratings.

In the end, it will remain to knock down a large stone cube from a chain with a bow. It will fall apart into two small ones - set them on the plates with the feather next to it. We proceed to the next stage of the passage of "Immortal Phoenix Rising".

Get to the Temple of Apollo

As you leave the cave, the temple will be very close - 150 meters. Turn around on the compass and run towards it.

Save a young man from enemies

Before entering the temple, you will have to fight with three infantry and a gorgon. Run in the opposite direction so that the enemies line up across the bridge - the gorgon will fall behind and will not be able to attack. And you can destroy the infantry one by one. Then, it will not be so difficult to deal with one gorgon: try to block its shots to reflect back, and also hit it with an ax every few seconds to stun it as soon as possible.

Get to the oracle

In the temple, stand on a circular platform with a helmet icon and shoot an arrow through the fire to set fire to the brazier before entering the next room. After that, the entrance will open.

Find the vessel of Aeolus in the dungeon of Tartarus

This dungeon is not too difficult. The first obstacle will be the familiar slabs - with a feather and an anvil. Put any of the three boxes on the first one (they will appear again if you press the button on the pedestal nearby), and on the second - the other two. Next, the required cubes will be mixed up: the wooden one must be set to the "Feather", and the bronze one - to the "Anvil".

Next, there will be a fight with two gorgons at once. Try to keep them in line to block the rear shots (her ranged attacks will also hurt the front one). The tactic is as before - we run up, make a couple of quick blows with a sword, one with an ax, and run back.

Run to the next button that calls the box. It will need to be carefully pulled with the help of Hercules' bracers and installed on the stove with a feather (using the "Put" button). The platform will arrive - jump until it goes back.

Next, you need to pull another wooden box from afar - it is to the right of the beginning of the platform with the button. On the next platform, you need to roll two balls into the holes. The hole for the first one is very close - behind the destroyed wall. And the second will have to be rolled from a distance inside the cage, capturing, as they used to grab a box from afar.

Climb the platforms and after the cutscene you will find yourself in front of the Cyclops. He loves to throw stones - catch them with Hercules' bracers and throw them back. In addition, the cyclops is very slow - while he wanders to the next stone, turning his back, run up and deliver a combination of blows with a sword (stones are enough to stun, so it is better not to use a slow ax).

After the fight with the Cyclops, you will only have to run forward to pick up the vessel, and then the lightning. After that, Phoenix will return to the surface.

Obtain a Wing Fragment by completing the Constellation Challenge in the Heavenly Tower

Exit the temple and turn left. Walk across the bridge and climb the stairs. Harpies will meet along the way - dodge attacks until they descend closer to the ground. And when they come down - hit with an axe.

Climb higher. The first test of the constellation will come across. You need to find four more blue glowing balls nearby and install them in the plate with grooves according to the diagram in front.

The first two balls can be obtained a little higher and to the left. Pull the lever and quickly run through the grate until it comes down. There will be grid switches inside - first grab the distant ball and then come back for another.

The third ball is located to the right of the constellation diagram. You just need to stand on a round platform with a helmet and pass an arrow through the fire to light one of the braziers in front. The passage will open and allow you to pick up the ball.

The last ball is to the northwest of the constellation diagram, in a columned building. You need to go around the building and break through the wall with the nearest stone or ax. Inside you will find a ball on a cube - move the cube forward and take the ball.

Find the youth at the top of the Heavenly Tower

Run to the top of the Heavenly Tower on the marker - you will have to climb rocks or climb a sheer wall. Talk to the young man at the top.

Reach the Hall of the Gods

You can finally fly! More precisely - to soar on the restored wings of Daedalus. You are offered to immediately go to the main island, but you can still return and better explore the starting location. However, it would be a good idea to immediately run towards the Hall of the Gods - then it will become the main point of fast travel in the first major region of the Golden Island.

There will be a lot of resources around the gilded statue at the entrance to the Valley of Eternal Spring - you can collect them to use them later for making potions. Then go down the road and immediately stumble upon a small detachment of infantrymen guarding the chest. Try not to let yourself be surrounded and deal with those without shields first. And if the rest will still fit, then use the ax more often.

Then run to the Hall of the Gods directly. On the way, try to tame a deer or a horse (different animals may meet). To do this, you need to sneak up on one of them and press the interaction button. The horse has its own stamina bar and moves slightly faster than the Phoenix, even at a pace.

On the east side, in front of the Hall of the Gods, you will encounter a red cyclops. You've already defeated one in the dungeon of Tartarus. Try not to come close to him - it is better to throw stones until you stun him. Then run up and strike a lot with your sword. Then you will need to repeat the algorithm.

After that, all that remains is to climb the rock, at the top of which is the Hall of the Gods.

The beauty born of pain

Explore the area next to the statue of Aphrodite

Of course, the game from Ubisoft was not without towers. But you have already opened one at the very beginning - there are still only 4. Each will completely open its large region on the map. Since you are already in the possession of Aphrodite, the Valley of Eternal Spring, it would be logical to first open its region (in the neighboring ones it is still too strong monsters).

Open the map (Tab key on your keyboard or Back key on your gamepad) and select the task with the apple in the round marker. Jump off the cliff and soar towards the statue of Aphrodite. Most likely you only have enough endurance up to the bridge. Change to a horse or run further on foot. At one point, it will be more convenient to turn off the road and run straight. On the way, you may encounter a broken bridge - it is not a problem to overcome it with wings. Climb onto the statue (or use the cauldron underneath first).

Almost at the very top there will be a fairy. Release it - it will become one of two, which will later open access with treasures.

Inspect the apple tree

Jump and fly towards the new mission. If you have stocked up with stamina potions, then one is enough to fly right to the right place.

Throw a pearl into the sea

You will have to run for a whole kilometer over rough terrain, and then still climb the mountains. When you get there, you will encounter a sleeping red cyclops. Try to sit down to get to the nearest stone and throw it in the head. Then fight him with the same method as the previous two times - do not come close, stun, beat with a sword many times until you come to your senses. Do not forget also that you can intercept the projectiles that he throws.

The pearl will have to be rolled by hands (reinforced by Hercules' bracers) almost all the way. A couple of times not very strong enemies will meet - harpies and gorgons. If you catch them off guard, it will be easier to deal with.

Before the finish line, you will meet a pile of stones - destroy it with an ax. And at the very end of the path, the gate can be opened by shooting a bow at three targets around.

Collect Divine Sea Foam

Shine down the cliff, spread your wings and immediately enter dive mode (while holding the wings button). Hang in front of the surface and pick up the foam. After that, get out to the shore.

Return to Aphrodite with divine sea foam
You can look around and look for resources (there are many blue mushrooms here), or immediately teleport to the statue of Aphrodite, and then fly to it.

Survive Despite Typhon's Rage (How to Defeat the Ghost of Achilles)

You will have to defeat the ghost of Achilles himself - one of the most ancient and strongest ancient Greek heroes who fought in the Trojan War more than a thousand years before the birth of Christ. He is armed with a spear and a sword. Try to block all his blows - he hits with whole combinations. If you successfully block two combinations in a row entirely, then Achilles will be stunned. Only after that is it worth attacking and inflicting as many blows with the sword as possible. After the next stun, the ghost will grin and disappear.

Bitter tears

Find Aphrodite's Tears in the Dungeons of Tartarus

Return to the Hall of the Gods, brew new potions, look into the forge, and then fly towards the nearest of the three markers (to the south).

In the forest, collect more grenades from the trees - just hit them with an ax. Uncorrupted boars can also be encountered. For the destruction of these, they do not give a reward, and they themselves do not attack, so it is better not to touch the animals.

But at the place of the assignment, around the statue, there are already desecrated boars. Block their ramming attacks and use the ax more often. Then, with the same ax, you will need to destroy the statue so that it opens the passage to the dungeon of Tartarus.

Fall of Adonis

This dungeon is easy to figure out. You just need to throw stone balls many times with the wind, which is activated by the levers. When you break the obstacle, the ball will fly where you want, and then roll where you want. After that, the path to the exit will be paved. Take a tear along the way.

Travel to the next dungeon, north of the Hall of the Gods.

How to get to the dungeon with the tear of Aphrodite north of the Hall of the Gods

The entrance to the dungeon will first have to be unlocked in the crevice between the mountains. Find the gold room and go upstairs in front of the red opening. Stand on the circular platform to unlock the brazier opposite. You need to shoot a burning controlled arrow into it. Then get down to the floor and jump into the hole nearby. There you will find a pedestal with a button. Then punch through the wall with the ax next to the red opening and pull the cube onto the platform. After that, it remains only to take off on the activated air flow and press the last button.

Return to the opening - now it will let you through to the dungeon.

Calliope's Despair

In this dungeon, platforms must be activated in the correct order. Walls with clues nearby will help to do this - dark squares represent the necessary platforms. Study them and then repeat the pattern on the floor.

Starting from the second, the walls with prompts will be turned away from the platforms - screen them or take a photo.

The last dungeon with a tear remains - to the west of the Hall of the Gods.

How to get to the dungeon with Aphrodite's tear west of the Hall of the Gods

The dungeon is located inside the temple in the rock in front of the town. To open the entrance to the dungeon, you just need to bring cabbage heads from the rooftops and install them on pedestals in the hall in front of the entrance.

Confusion of Aphrodite

Here you need to constantly drag wooden boxes behind you in order to move forward. In the middle of the path, you need to be careful - two gargoyles spitting fire will interfere with dragging the box. In order not to lose the box, speed up your run as soon as the fireball flies by (and if you do, go back and take a new one).

At the very end, you will need to toss two small metal cubes to install on the platform with the anvil. First you will have to transfer one to the next one, and then call the second there.

Fall into the dungeon of Aphrodite

Run towards the dungeon. To get there faster - use the tepeport to the statue of Aphrodite. The right place is in a cave under a huge tree.

Walkthrough Immortals: Fenyx Rising-Rotten Apple

Find Aphrodite

Aphrodite turned out to be not so simple, and now you have to persuade her to let her into the dungeon. At least you'll have to look for it nearby - you need an apple tree on the river bank.

Find the Apple of Discord

The apple is located in the Palace of Aphrodite, at the highest point of the location. Head straight there, and then run up the paved road up.

At Yabloko you will meet a detachment of infantrymen. Use the ax more often, as they will try to surround you. And it's easier to break through the shield bearers.

The apple will be blocked - you need to install two ordinary (but rather large) fruits on the pedestals next to it. You will find the first apple in the shell above, and the second on the west side, on the next platform.

When you unlock the apple, push it down the road to the red opening. To open the opening, shoot the bow at two targets from above.

Return to Aphrodite

Use the column icon labeled "Spirit of Gaia" to quickly move, and then run to Aphrodite.

TIP: Return to the Hall of the Gods and purchase the Hercules Leap ability with Charon's coins. She will greatly help in the upcoming battle with the boss and other flying enemies. If there are not enough coins of Charon (you need 8), then run around the Hall of the Gods and complete mythical tests or look for chests.

Capricious goddesses

Free the essence of Aphrodite from the dungeon

Return to the cave under the huge tree and jump into the abyss of Tartarus.

How to get through the dungeon of Aphrodite

Here you need to light braziers and destroy large seeds with fire. If you do not see where to shoot - launch the arrow up, and then lower it down. Or shoot a couple of arrows first to look around.

Difficulties await at the western and eastern edges of the dungeon. In the west, you need to burn seeds to get rid of the poison in the air, and then roll balls into the holes. Then you will need to pass the set on fire along a long path through the series of openings that have opened and set one of the two large seeds on fire.

There is a labyrinth in the east. You don't need to climb inside! Run from above and pull the ball with Hercules' bracers from afar. The seeds can be burned with a lighted ball by first pulling it up to the brazier. Try to catch the ball in time so that it does not roll into one of the dips. After passing the maze, you will need to stand on the platform and set fire to the last large seed.

Then run to the top, where the boss is waiting - Ozomena the Hurricane.

How to defeat Ozomenu Uragannaya

It is not so difficult to defeat it if you have the ability "Leap of Hercules" - just pull up and hit with an ax until you stun. Then deal with the harpy help and return to Ozomen.

And if there is no such ability, then you will have to dodge a lot and concentrate on destroying the harpies, which Ozomena regularly calls for help. Each time a harpy dies, Ozomenu gains stun. After being stunned, it will collapse to the ground - it's time to run up and beat with a sword. The algorithm will have to be repeated several times.

After the victory on Ozomenoy, all that remains is to pick up the bottle with the essence of Aphrodite and get out of the dungeon.

Develop the enchantment that turned Aphrodite into a tree

Return to the Hall of the Gods and speak with Aphrodite. After that, the mission will be completed, and you will receive the third blessing from the goddess.

To be continued...

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