Immortals: Fenyx Rising: Essential Resources: Ambrosia, Charon Coins, Zeus Lightning & Potion Ingredients

Immortals: Fenyx Rising: Essential Resources: Ambrosia, Charon Coins, Zeus Lightning & Potion Ingredients

Immortals: Fenyx Rising: Essential Resources

Two values ​​are particularly important for the successful course of the adventure: your vitality and your endurance. Both are important, because only with sufficient vitality can you survive hard battles, severe falls or accidental contact with laser barriers. Endurance is required for double jumps, for long gliding, for climbing and for using special attacks in combat. Both values ​​can be expanded in the course of the game - which is urgently needed.

As long as you cannot find permanent expansions, you have to be satisfied with temporary supplies - healing potions and potions for buffs. While you pursue the history quests on the overworld, you have ample opportunity to collect supplies for brewing potions and upgrading your weapons and skills. You can find the following resources:


Pomegranates are bright red fruits. You can sometimes find them as offerings in baskets, but most of them hang in trees that have a very thick trunk and cannot be felled. Hit the thick trunk of such a tree with the axe two or three times to make its pomegranates fall from the branches, and then pick them up. You brew healing potions from pomegranates. You can also eat them individually if you long press left on the D-pad, but this is not very effective later, as the healing effect is much less than with a brewed pomegranate potion. You can find goblets for brewing in many places in the upper world and in the Hall of the Gods. Eat individual pomegranates only in the first few hours of the game, i.e. during the time when you cannot brew any potions.

Blue mushrooms

They grow everywhere. Blue mushrooms provide you with supplies for the stamina bar. Similar to the pomegranates, you can eat blue mushrooms individually, but that doesn't do you much good. The reloading effect on your stamina is low, and you always have to wait a while before you can eat new ones. Better brew blue potions from the mushrooms as soon as you can.

Yellow flowers When you walk through the countryside and, above all, mow bushes with your sword, you will occasionally discover yellow flowers. The nectar of the yellow flowers cannot be consumed individually, so you are forced to brew potions from it. It's worth it, because the resulting Defense Potion reduces the impact of enemy attacks for 90 seconds. To what extent and in what detail you can determine yourself by exchanging gold amber in the Hall of the Gods and thus manipulating the buff value.

Olympic fig

They are the rarest fruit you will find in the game. So if you see a purple plant with figs, don't hesitate. Gather all you can find. They often grow under all kinds of bushes. So it is worth pruning bushes. You cannot eat figs individually, but you can brew an attack potion from them, which affects your strength values ​​for 90 seconds. In what detail and to what extent you determine yourself through upgrades that you acquire for gold amber lumps. You can determine all of this in the Hall of the Gods.


You can find these multi-colored fragments in the most impossible places, so easily in hard-to-reach or hard-to-see places. Not infrequently on top of towers or on a cliff. If you have a few of them together, you can process them into a unit of life force in the Hall of the Gods. However, the need for ambrosia for every further increase in life force increases continuously.

Lightning bolts of Zeus

The lightning bolts of Zeus give you an additional bar of stamina after a certain number, provided you exchange them in the Hall of the Gods. This then allows you to climb, hover or handle heavy attacks for longer. Similar to Ambrosia, the need for lightning increases with every further increase. You will find lightning bolts of Zeus at the end of each Tartaros vault as a reward for roaming the mini-dungeon.


Coins For completing divine challenges you will receive coins, which you can exchange for upgrades for your basic skills and your divine powers in the Hall of the Gods. You can find out which puzzles and challenges are involved in the next section below.

Gold Amber

Small golden yellow balls of gold amber can be found in the roots of various trees. You can already recognize these trees from the outside, because small yellow particles sparkle around their roots. Chop such a tree with the ax to get to the gold amber in it. But watch out: in rare cases you can find amber in trees that don't sparkle. In the Hall of the Gods you can get improvements for your potions for a certain number of gold amber. This is how they become more effective.

Adamant shards in yellow, blue, red and purple

Adamant crystal fragments are useful for strengthening your weapons and equipment. There are various sources for this. Sometimes you can even find large piles of adamantine that you can smash. As a rule, however, you will find them sporadically. For example when cutting off certain bushes or after fighting monsters. Most often blue shards fall off. You can also find them in the loading sequences of the Tartaros vaults, because blue adamantine shards are flying towards Fenyx. All you have to do is pick them up at the correct height.

All shards must be exchanged for an upgrade in the Hall of the Gods. Yellow shards increase the carrying capacity of your potion bag and allow you to carry more arrows. Blue shards strengthen the values ​​of your weapons and armor. Red shards actively expand your weapons, while purple shards actively expand your helmets and armor

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