Immortals: Fenyx Rising World Map - All Chests, Abysses & Trials

How to find all points of interest in the game

As with any complex open world game, there are so many different activities in Immortals: Fenyx Rising . It is quite interesting to explore the map, not even according to the plot: the player will face various tests based on ancient Greek myths, various puzzles and, of course, chests with treasures and good equipment. Most of these points of interest are not initially marked on the map - use our guide to make it easier to find them.

The complete world map of Immortals: Fenyx Rising

This is what the fully open map of the Golden Island looks like in the game:

The complete world map of Immortals: Fenyx Rising

The game world is divided into 7 regions:

  1. Wandering rocks. Starting location. It is an archipelago of two large and a number of small islands.
  2. Valley of Eternal Spring. Possession of Aphrodite in the southwestern part of the map.
  3. Groves of Glory. Athens region in the northwest.
  4. Lair of War. Ares' domain in the southeast.
  5. The Land of Horns. Region of Hephaestus in the northeast.
  6. Tsar's peak. Zeus's domain in the north.
  7. Gate of Tartarus. Central region associated with the final of the game.

During the passage, you will often move between different regions, while clearing the Golden Isle of Typhon's corruption. Along the way, you will find hundreds of points of interest: chests with rare loot, mythical challenges and puzzles, dungeons of Tartarus and much more. Below are more detailed maps of each of the regions.

Wandering rocks

Wandering rocks

Valley of Eternal Spring

Valley of Eternal Spring 1

Valley of Eternal Spring 2

Valley of Eternal Spring 3

Groves of Glory

Groves of Glory

Lair of War

Lair of War 1

Lair of War 2

The Land of Horns

The Land of Horns 1

The Land of Horns 2

Tsar's peak

Tsar's peak 1

Tsar's peak 2

We advise you to bookmark the material (Ctrl + D) to return to these maps as you wade through all the secret areas, challenges and rewards that Immortals: Fenyx Rising has to offer.

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