In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Operation Broken Fang Released With A New Mode And Long-Awaited Maps


In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Operation Broken Fang Released With A New Mode And Long-Awaited Maps

Time to sell Steam inventory in a futile attempt to double your investment by selling the rewards given out for your paid pass.

Yes, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has waited for an update, and even with new maps, items and new items that radically change the gameplay.

The most exciting part of the Broken Fang update is the introduction of a customizable quick command wheel. Yes, like in Dota 2. The first and last know-how that Gabe is able to generous with this year instead of Source 2.

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Operation Broken Fang

Seven new maps have also been added to the game, including five community maps, one Valve map and a new competitive map Ancient .

What does the map from the developers remind you of more? De_tuscan or de_aztec? Considering that the creator of de_tuscan was brought in to work on the maps, the answer should be obvious.

The rest of the cards are designed for all kinds of modes available in the game, including the Danger Zone battle royale .

The most important part of the operation is the paid Operation Pass. For its purchase, players will receive detailed statistics of matches with a heatmap, 5v5 mode with draft maps, an experience booster and access to all the rewards of Operation Broken Fang...

They also took care of entertainment for Valve , raising the cost of the operation slightly, which will warm the fans of the return on digital investments on winter evenings, as well as diversify the topics of the gaming community on Steam.

All users, without exception, will open the Retakes mode - in it, three terrorists must defend themselves from special forces for up to 8 rounds, choosing sets of equipment instead of the standard purchase.

It looks like Valve invented operators and decided not to bother with complex mechanics and store balance - you just defend or capture a point every round, choosing a set first.

Every week, players will begin to receive tasks, complete them, improve the operation icon and receive various rewards: cases, skins, agents, stickers. Even without a skip in the list of prizes, what to see.

Operation Broken Fang has already begun. Further details with detailed pictures of the new cosmetic items can be found at

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