In The Division 2 you can finally take revenge on your old boss

On December 8th, The Division 2 will start the new season 4. In addition to new content, you can expect a reunion with a former companion. But now you have to hunt them mercilessly.

What's up with Faye Lau? At the end of Warlords of New York , former division commander Faye Lau changed sides and went over to the Black Tusk. Not much is known about their motivations - at least not yet. These are now apparently to be taken up in the upcoming season 4.

Because together with four other breakaway division agents, she has now set up her own cell and is pursuing her own goals, which we should find out and thwart in the new season. The return from Lau was announced some time ago with the roadmap for 2020 .

This also brings the new Season 4 in The Division 2: With Title Update 12, which introduces the new season on December 8th, there are various improvements and balancing adjustments as well as the optimization station as a new endgame feature or new Exotics and Gear sets. In general, you can expect new weapons and equipment, a new skill variant, events, challenges and a new season pass.

The story of Faye Lau

Why is Faye Lau special? Faye Lau is best known to one or two veterans who played the first part of The Division. Lau was an agent herself there, who led you through the snowy streets of Manhattan with missions and instructions. With the appearance of Warlords of New York in The Division 2, Lau reappeared. This time as commander of the division in New York. But there she finally became rogue and in principle turned away from the division completely unexpectedly.

Why Faye Lau turned away from the division: In the course of the story, the players learn that Lau lost her sister in an attack by the Rikers on Hell's Kitchen. Out of sheer desperation she began to drink heavily and tried to use alcohol to forget about anger and sadness.

The division's handling of the villain Aaron Keener made her doubt the division's capabilities more and more. At the end of the “Warlords of New York” campaign, Lau's Strategic Homeland Division clock turns red. The former commandant and companion became a renegade. And it looks like she then joined the Black Tusk, a powerful private security company.

Faye Lau's motives are not yet known: At this point one can only speculate as to why Faye Lau fell away and joined the Black Tusk. With the start of Season 4, we should learn more about their motives.

With her strong doubts about the division, it is conceivable that she would like to maintain order in New York in her own way with Black Tusk. After the devastating hurricane and pandemic, this would be a perfectly plausible scenario.

Your new goal in season 4: Faye Lau, Black Tusk

The search for Faye Lau: On the hunt for Faye Laue, players will learn more about the background to their betrayal, but you will not be able to fight her immediately. Her team of four division agents who are also renegade must be hunted down in advance.

These work with Lau in a Black Tusk cell and have to be hunted down and eliminated gradually over the course of the season. Who the four renegade agents are is not yet known at this point in time. You just know - in the end you'll see your old boss again. By then you should find out at the latest the motivation with which Lau defected. Because after you've killed the four agents from Lau's cell, you'll end up facing Lau yourself in the final battle. 

Will there be a happy ending? It is not clear whether you can convince Faye Lau to rejoin the division or whether you will have to eliminate her in the end. Their strong doubts about the organization made them defend themselves. But perhaps through your decisive action it is possible to induce Lau to return. Maybe there will still be a nice happy ending after all.

Codename Nightmare is slated for the second half of Season 4.

It is also not known whether Faye Lau will also appear at The Division 2: Special event “Codename Nightmare” . The event was due out this year, but has been postponed to the second half of season 4 It is possible that Faye Lau will have an appearance here.

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