Leak to Genshin Impact shows new, big event - that's inside

Leak to Genshin Impact shows new, big event - that's inside

A new event could soon start in Genshin Impact . A dataminer shared information about it. The event seems to be big as new opponents and materials are supposed to come into play.

This is how it is with Genshin Impact: The RPG has only been on the market since the end of September and since then it has been supplying its players with new content on a regular basis.

At the end of December a new area will be added with Update 1.2 and apparently a big event will start at the same time. This is now revealed by the data miner NEP NEP on Twitter, which also gives details on new opponents and materials.

That should be in the big event

That was revealed: The event should start together with Update 1.2. Among other things, it should bring the Dragonspine Mountain snow area into play.

In addition, pictures have emerged that show new opponents. They look optically appropriate to the snow area and could be found there especially.

In addition to the opponents, a new resource was shown that you can probably farm. According to the leaks, this resource is supposed to be a kind of currency and, above all, help unlock rewards in the event shop.

The leaker also reveals that there should be a "field trial". For this you have to complete some tasks and as a reward there should be various guides, which you can see in the tweet below. Another reward will be another crown of wisdom, which was already available in November . This item is really useful and shouldn't be missed.

Another find are the rewards that will be given in Update 1.2 for numerous promotions. We include the tweet for this leak: 

In general, a lot of this event should revolve around icy areas. That fits, because winter has fallen and numerous other games are also publishing winter events.

When should the event start? The date given is December 23rd. Update 1.2 should also appear there, which also brings new characters into the game.

The leaker says that it should be the 5-star character Albedo and the 4-star character Rosara.

You have to consider that: These are only leaks at first. Although the leaks already show actions from the game and look trustworthy, they have not yet been officially confirmed by the developer miHoYo. So you should view these leaks with a certain amount of skepticism. 

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