Locations of all lightning bolts of Zeus | Immortals - Fenyx Rising

The energy of Zeus' lightning bolts is truly invigorating! In Immortals: Fenyx Rising, collect the license plate of the god father and see what happens when you play around with a massive amount of energy!

Collect lightning to give you an advantage in the fight against Typhon!

King of the gods and bowl of Olympus : Zeus has lost several of his lightning bolts. They are spread all over the Island of the Gods, just waiting to be picked up by someone. So who if not you!

The lightning bolts of Zeus are essential for your endurance. You start off with a small amount of stamina, barely enough to climb a mountain or swim from one island to another. You also need a lot of energy to glide through the air or to use your divine powers.

In total, you can improve your endurance eight times. Thus, in addition to your given duration, you get three bars with four improvements each.

Locations of the lightning bolts of Zeus

In every area of ​​Gold Island you will find a number of Tartaros vaults . If you enter one, you have to solve puzzles or survive several rounds of waves of opponents in an arena. At the end of the vault you will always be rewarded with a flash of lightning from Zeus, which you take in.

Even while you are in search of the essences of individual gods, you will find the lightning bolts of Zeus. So whether you only collect the lightning bolts that you find in the course of the main quest or jump into the other vaults of Tartaros is up to you.

Here you use the lightning bolts of Zeus

In the Hall of the Gods you have a wide range of stations that you can use. You will find a weight bench between a forge of Hephaestus or the Kylix of Athena . Use them in combination with the lightning bolts of Zeus to increase your stamina by a bar. How many flashes you need for an extension depends on how often you have already used the weight bench. The price for the first stamina expansions is six Zeus flashes.

You can only improve Fenyx's stamina with the weight bench and lightning bolts. Your mount's stamina cannot be improved.

So you won't get out of breath

The weight bench increases your stamina, but there are more ways to use it cleverly. Whether sprinting, climbing or swimming in combat: the endurance bar is shrinking. Make sure that you always have enough blue mushrooms with you or brew a stamina potion from them in the kettle of the Kirke.

You should also invest in your skills on the Stygian chalice in the Hall of the Gods. In exchange for Charon coins, you unlock stamina-saving skills.

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