LoL players give quick tips that are guaranteed to make you better in Wild Rift

LoL players give quick tips that are guaranteed to make you better in Wild Rift

 The MOBA Wild Rift looks simple at first glance, but offers many strategic and complex elements. To help newcomers find their way around, some LoL players have published tips and tricks on reddit. We have summarized the most important ones for you.

What is this about? Wild Rift has brought a lot of new players to League of Legends and while there are some differences between the mobile and PC versions, many tips apply to both games.

That is why some experienced LoL players have published such general tips and assistance. This includes things like:

  • The different roles in the game
  • Objects on the map
  • Items for the champions
  • The group game

Solo and duo lanes

What is important? The biggest problem that many players are currently seeing in Wild Rift is the lack of proper roles in the game. There are 5 different ones:

  • Toplane - also called Baron Lane in Wild Rift
  • Midlane
  • Botlane - also called Dragon Lane
  • Supporter
  • Jungler

Even in the champion selection, these positions are often not taken into account, because every player would prefer to play the champions they like. However, it often makes more sense to back off and fill a missing position than to end up with 3 AD-Carrys or 3 Midlaners.

Therefore try to be able to have a champion in every position before you start the ranked games.

At the start of the game, it is also important that one of the two teams plays on a mirrored map. If this is the case with your team, you will see arrows at the beginning that point to the solo and duo lanes.

  • Should you play the Toplaner, you go to the solo lane
  • Carry and support always go to the duo lane.
Only the duo lane is occupied twice. The middle, the solo lane and the jungle are each looked after by only one player.

lol Wild Rift map

Why is that? When a vassal dies, he distributes experience points to nearby champions. However, if there are two or more champions from the same team, the experience is shared by all. As a result, you learn new skills more slowly and also have a disadvantage in terms of stats. For example, each level-up brings additional life and mana.

That's why you try to play alone as much as possible.

The AD carry, however, is the weakest role at the beginning of a game, but incredibly strong at the end. That's why he got a supporter who should help him into the endgame. As a supporter it is therefore important that you do not “steal” vassals by killing them (making the so-called “last hit”).

The Summoner Spells

What spells are there? Wild Rift offers you 7 Summoner Spells:

  • Flash - A short teleport
  • Ghost - Makes you run faster temporarily
  • Heal - Heals a little and lets you run 1 second faster
  • Barrier - Creates a shield with extra health for 2 seconds
  • Exhaust - weakens the damage and the speed of the enemy
  • Ignite - Burns the enemy and deals damage over 5 seconds
  • Smite - Inflicts damage to monsters and later also to champions

Which one should you choose? Almost every champion uses Flash as the first of the two Summoner Spells. The ability to flee from the enemy or to hunt them down is strong.

The second ability is a little different:

  • AD-Carrys usually use Heal or Barrier to survive. If you play aggressively, Ignite is also possible.
  • Midlaners typically bet on Ignite to win the 1-on-1
  • Supporters mostly use Exhaust to protect their own AD-Carry, or Ignite to give enemies the coup de grace. Many supporters are currently relying on Heal in Wild Rift, but this does not help. The healing for allies is rather small.
  • Ignite is also ideal for top planners. However, some champions also benefit from Ghost, for example hand-to-hand combatants like Nasus. Exhaust can also help to win 1-on-1 here.
  • Junglers, on the other hand, always rely on Smite as the second Summoner Spell. This is important at the beginning to kill the jungle creatures, and later for the big opponents Dragon and Baron. With the "True Damage", Smite causes exactly the damage that the description states. This is how the big jungle creatures can be stolen when your opponents are attacking them. You just have to press Smite at the right moment.

lol wild rift Summoner Spells

That's what a game of Wild Rift is all about

Many players in Wild Rift focus on killing other players. But that's not so important for the course of the game. It is more important to farm gold and control objects on the map.

How do you farm gold? The most effective method is the “last hit” of vassals. For every dead vassal you get gold. If you perform the fatal blow yourself, there is roughly four times as much gold.

So whoever gives the killing blow to all enemy vassals while the opponent does not do so, has an enormous advantage with gold and can then buy more items later. Whoever has more items wins the fights and usually the game.

On the left the Last Hit brings 65 gold, on the right you only get 16 for standing next to it.

There is also gold for killing enemy players, but even if you succeed, you can still be at a disadvantage if the opponent has made more heavy hits.

If you want to become really good, you will learn what is known as wave management over time. You can use it to control, for example, whether you let your vassals run into the enemy tower so that the opponent has a harder time landing his last hits. Alternatively, you can ensure that your vassals are always further behind than the opponent's. So he has to get further away from his tower and runs the risk that you or your jungler will kill him. This video shows how this works:

The towers: Many players also underestimate the objects on the map. The towers in particular are important as they bring gold, but above all visibility and safety on the map. You can retreat to towers in order to be more protected from opponents. If this protection is missing, you have to play more defensively or run the risk of being killed unexpectedly.

In addition, the towers must be destroyed in order to gain access to the enemy base. The third tower in each lane plays a particularly important role. If this is defeated, more vassals appear in the lane for you, which means that your vassals always defeat the enemy and invade the base of the enemy again and again.

Baron, Herald and Dragon: Three interesting creatures are waiting for you in the river:

  • The herald occupies the baron's place until minute 10. If this is defeated, you can summon him for you. Then he tries to destroy enemy towers. You should attack the Herald with at least 2 players.
  • The dragon gives your team gold and buffs and should be attacked with at least 3 players. If several of them have been defeated, an ancestral dragon appears, which makes your team even stronger during the kill.
  • The baron appears from minute 10 and replaces the herald. This should always be attacked with as many players as possible and only if you know where your opponents are (in the best case most of them are dead). It gives you a temporary buff that makes vassals around you stronger and lets you return to the base faster.

The Baron is a strong creature, but also brings a strong buff when defeated.

Use the preselected items

If you don't want to deal directly with the Wild Rift item system, you can trust the items suggested by Riot Games. In many cases the items are the best, but it would sometimes be wiser to build them in a different order depending on the situation.

Above all, don't underestimate the shoes and the resulting active items. An invulnerability effect like that of Zhonya's hourglass or the release from a stun with mercury are extremely helpful.

Always ensures “vision” on the map

We have already shared this tip with you, but it keeps popping up as a topic. At the start every player has an item with them that can be placed and gives you visibility. This protects you from surprise attacks, but at the same time helps your team to see where and how enemies are moving.

It's best to place these wards in bushes and in places where enemies often run along.

Always ensures “vision” on the map

It is also important that you work intensively with the card. You should always keep an eye on them to see if you are being attacked by surprise, if your enemies are attacking one of the jungle creatures or if an ally needs help. The minimap is extremely important in both LoL games.

Don't fight alone

LoL is a team game and you should keep that in mind at all times. So don't try to win alone and certainly not to run into the entire opposing team and hope for a kill.

You are most valuable when you are on the road as a team and so take out the enemies.

You can also use the pings that are available on the right-hand side of the game. By holding down a card appears with which you can trigger the ping at any location. So you can communicate with allies without chat and a lot of effort.

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