LoL Wild Rift: How to get Poro Coins and Poro Energy

LoL Wild Rift: How to get Poro Coins and Poro Energy

 We show you how to get free Poro Coins in LoL: Wild Rift and also Poro Energy. They are two special currencies that can be used in the Poro Shop for rewards.

League of Legends: Wild Rift has several new features never before seen in the game from Riot Games and one of them is the new exclusive currency that they have called Poro Coins (yes, the adorable hairballs now have a currency of their own) . They are also accompanied by Poro Energy.

How to get Poro Coins

It should be made clear that Poro Coins are totally free in Wild Rift, so it is a currency that we will get simply by playing and enjoying the title, like blue specks (which is not the case with Wild Cores ).

But how can you accumulate Poro Coins? Easy, these cute coins are earned by delving into various functions of the title, such as:

  • Playing Ranked Matches - Available from the start.
  • Unlocking achievements: available from account level 8.
  • Opening the weekly chests: by accumulating weekly points (these are reset every Monday morning).
  • Completing events: and their corresponding challenges and challenges.

So the best and fastest way to get Poro Coins is plain and simple by playing Wild Rift. Little by little you will accumulate this currency and, eventually, you will also obtain Poro Energy.

How to get Poro Energy and what it is for

The Energy Poro is another kind of currency that is associated with Poro coins. In order to get Poro Energy you have to spend the Poro Coins that we have obtained .

  • For each Poro Coin spent , an additional point of Poro Energy is awarded in exchange (ie the ratio is 1: 1).
  • There is also a small chance that Poro chests will contain some additional Poro Energy.

Therefore and in summary, as you spend Poro Coins you will receive Poro Energy. When you accumulate a total of 5,000 Poro Energy you can request a free random-looking chest (which can reach epic level).

Poro Store Contents

The new and exclusive Wild Rift Poro Coins can be used in the Poro Shop section , here you will find cosmetic items such as banners, poses, and champion skins . Remember that none of these contents will provide you playable advantages.

  • The offers in the Poro Shop change and rotate temporarily , generally every month.
  • Some of the items in this shop can only be obtained with Poro Coins.
  • You will also find Poro chests , which are always available.

What's inside the Poro Chests?

Poro chests, also known as Poro boxes, contain a lot of different items among which the following can be obtained:

  • Trinkets: to customize your kills in style.
  • Icons: great icons to teach the world.
  • Emoticons: to express different emotions.
  • Withdrawals: to quickly return to the nexus.
  • Rift Emblems: to leave your mark in the game.
  • Poses: Champion poses are also available (new ones that appear in the shop are added to Poro chests later)

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