LoL Wild Rift: How To Level Up Fast And Rewards

LoL Wild Rift: How To Level Up Fast And Rewards

 Here's how to get lots of experience points to quickly level up your account in LoL Wild Rift. See the full list of rewards from level 1 to 40.

Raising the level of our account in League of Legends: Wild Rift is important in order to progress in the game , unlock free champions , more options and playable content, and so on. Therefore surely from the beginning you want to know how you can increase your levels and get EXP as quickly as possible , in addition to discovering what are the rewards that you will earn for it. In this entry of our guide we tell you all the details about it.

How to level up fast and gain experience

Like almost everything in this game, the way to advance and get what we want is simply by playing games. Sounds easy, right? Throughout our games in Wild Rift we will get EXP , which is used to level up, obviously. Depending on how well we have acted, the experience achieved will be higher or lower.

Now, there are several methods and issues that we have to take into account; If you want to get EXP as quickly as possible, pay attention to the following:

Complete all missions and challenges

  • Go to the list of missions: and complete all the possible tasks. Every day there is a mission to earn your first victory and you can also complete weekly missions to receive more additional EXP (around 125 exp per mission).
  • Complete challenge missions: these will be available from level 10 and are another way to accumulate more experience. You can have 3 new ones every day.
  • Take on the quests for temporary events - there are always some available and they are great ways to get even more experience and other rewards.

Actually completing missions and claiming the rewards is one of the fastest ways to accumulate experience in Wild Rift, and they are also tasks that are even usually made very easy without realizing it during the games. So don't hesitate to take advantage of all of them on a daily basis.

Claim the weekly chests

The weekly chests can be unlocked by reaching certain weekly points , there are three different ones and within them rewards are earned among which there is experience for our account. So while you complete missions, as we have told you, do not forget to open the chests when possible (remember to do it before the restart of every Monday at 00:00 UTC).

  • First Weekly Chest: Includes 200 XP (can be opened by accumulating 120 weekly points).
  • Second Weekly Chest: Includes 250 XP (can be opened by accumulating 240 weekly points).
  • Third Weekly Chest: Includes 300 XP (can be opened by accumulating 400 weekly points).

Get XP upgrades

  • Sometimes some temporary events offer among their rewards an item called "XP Boost" .
  • When you claim and get one of these items, your experience gained after winning games increases by 100% for the next 3 victories you get.
  • In addition, the multiplier effect is cumulative with other experience rewards.

All Tier Rewards in LoL: Wild Rift

As we said at the beginning, leveling up in Wild Rift has a reward since you can get rewards such as blue specks , Poro coins and even free champions .

Next here we are going to show you the complete list of rewards from level 1 to 40 in League of Legends: Wild Rift. This is all that you will get totally free for raising your levels:



Level 1

·         Garen and Jinx

·         Selections

·         Spells

·         Weekly Chests

·         Standard missions

·         Normal pairing

Level 2


Level 3


Level 4

·         Master Yi

·         Runes

Level 5


Level 6

·         Annie

·         Runes

Level 7


Level 8

·         Nasus

·         Runes

·         Achievements

Level 9


Level 10

·         Janna

·         Runes

·         Challenge missions

·         Qualifying games

Level 11

1475 blue specks

Level 12

1475 blue specks

Level 13

1475 blue specks

Level 14

1475 blue specks

Level 15

200 Poro Coins

Level 16

400 blue specks

Level 17

400 blue specks

Level 18

400 blue specks

Level 19

400 blue specks

Level 20

200 Poro Coins

Level 21

200 blue specks

Level 22

200 blue specks

Level 23

200 blue specks

Level 24

200 blue specks

Level 25

·         Fist clash (emoticon)

·         50 Poro Coins

Level 26

100 blue specks

Level 27

100 blue specks

Level 28

100 blue specks

Level 29

100 blue specks

Level 30

·         Chest of trinkets for leveling up

·         50 Poro Coins

Level 31

100 blue specks

Level 32

100 blue specks

Level 33

100 blue specks

Level 34

100 blue specks

Level 35

·         Buzzing Bee (emoticon)

·         50 Poro Coins

Level 36

100 blue specks

Level 37

100 blue specks

Level 38

100 blue specks

Level 39

100 blue specks

Level 40

·         Unrivaled Achievement (icon)

·         Well that's it (icon)

·         50 Poro Coins


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