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LOL Wild Rift: How to report a player after a game

LOL Wild Rift: How to report a player after a game

 After the arrival of the Wild Rift beta in Europe, it is becoming increasingly essential to know where to find each option of a totally new game, which although it is a  LoL Mobile game , has little to do with many options such as  report player .

The game is still not very intuitive in many things, such as the different places we have to go to see the different missions and collect our rewards, doubts that a more experienced colleague will always solve for us. And one of those plots is much more necessary, such as the one to start reporting toxic players so that Riot Games takes note of its users in the face of possible future punishments.

Yes, it is true that we are still in the beta phase and that makes many players completely new, that they do not know how Wild Rift (or LoL ) works or that even knowing it they are not used to a MOBA on mobile and even simply have a bad game. But at this point many of us can already identify a rookie of one who is dedicated to trolling, and them and others with no companionship or choose picks like Ashe jungle without smite in full ranked, he wants to be able to report.

The curiosity is that the option to report is relatively hidden. At the end of a game, we will not see anything when touching each of our teammates, we will have to  see the upper right part of the screen , and next to the add friend icon we will see another in the shape of a  triangle with an alert in its center. In this way, instead of being able to add our colleagues, we will be able to report them, and now the usual tab will be opened in which to report the type of report that we deem appropriate to make.

A very simple method, but like other things in Wild Rift it may not be so intuitive to find quickly, and hence, from time to time, we need someone to throw us a cable.