Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - How To Get Artemis Armor

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - How To Get Artemis Armor

After completing the movie-related quests in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, you'll be able to craft a new armor set, as well as a layered armor set!

The company Capcom  announced a new themed event for  Monster Hunter: World , dedicated to the upcoming premiere of "Monster Hunter".

As part of a temporary event, players will be able to try on the image of Artemis, voiced by  Milla Jovovich , in two special single-player quests, and receive unique in-game rewards based on the upcoming film adaptation for completing them.

How to get Artemis armor

To get the Artemis armor in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, you must first complete the New World quest, as this will bring you a chocolate item to craft an armor set at the forge.

By completing the New World Event quest in which you have to fight Black Diablos, you will earn 5x Chocolate, which will allow you to craft the entire Artemis Alpha Armor set in one go, instead of having to collect it piece by piece!

Artemis Alpha Set
  • Helmet  : 1x Chocolate.
  • Chainmail  : 1x Chocolate.
  • Protection  : 1x chocolate.
  • Legguard  : 1x chocolate.
  • Greaves  : 1x Chocolate.
  • 12000 s / pcs.

Artemis Alpha Set

The Artemis Alpha Pack has the following bonuses:

Artemis Alpha Set

  • Peak performance x2
  • Earplugs x1
Chain mail
  • Earplugs x2
  • Recovery Up x1
  • Health Boost x3
  • Earplugs x1
  • Fel Resistance x2
  • Recovery x2
  • Stun Resistance x3
  • Poison Resistance x2
That's not all. Since this is part of the set, additional bonuses must be earned based on the amount of armor worn. When equipped with two pieces, you get a faster recovery, and when equipped with four, you get a lot of luck.

How to get Artemis layered armor

To get the Artemis Layered Armor set, all you have to do is complete the second mission of this collab, To Our World  . After completing this, you will receive an item called "Artemis's Notebook" that will allow you to wear her layered armor. So you can look like Artemis, but keep your current armor stats and bonuses!

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