New leak in Genshin Impact: will this be the next 5-star character?

New leak in Genshin Impact: will this be the next 5-star character?

A fresh leak shows a new character from Genshin Impact . What kind of 5-star hero is that coming up to us?

Genshin Impact is all about the numerous characters that can be won over the gacha system and then improved on and on. The more the players are hungry for new information about future characters that may appear in an upcoming patch. Now there is a potential new leak showing a possible Pyro character.

What kind of character is that? Reportedly, Tohama is an upcoming 5-star character. So it will probably be extremely rare and it will again cost a lot of wishes to pull the character out of his banner. He will use the element pyro. Visually, he seems to be a young adult, similar to characters like Tartaglia, Kaeya or Zhongli. You can see a first picture of him here:

Where does the leak come from? The leak comes from the Twitter account "NEP NEP Genshin Impact Leaks" , which has already published a few leaks in the past and was correct with them. The account collects many leaks, but does not name the sources of the leaks in most cases. It's only logical, because the developers behind Genshin Impact are cracking down on leaks .

However, NEP NEP itself says that the current leak should be "treated with caution"; it does not yet seem to be completely sure of itself. 

What speaks against the leak? There has been a supposed leak about Tohama in the past, but he looked very different and had white hair. Whether the design of the character has changed, one of the two leaks is just a fake or Genshin Impact will bring skins for the characters in the future cannot be said at the moment.

Would you like to have more characters and skins for the existing characters? 

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