Nintendo bans sale of Joy-Con cases in honor of Etika for charity

Nintendo bans sale of Joy-Con cases in honor of Etika for charity

On sale since 2019, these custom cases have been suddenly spotted by the Japanese company and blocking further distribution.

Nintendo has seen itself in recent days at the center of various controversies with its own community of players, and it is that after facing a certain sector of users of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Super Smash Bros. Melee ., This time we see the Japanese company putting the brakes on a charity activity . Below we discuss in detail the sale of Joy-Con cases in honor of the late Youtuber 'Etika' who had already generated up to $ 10,000 for charitable purposes.

Nintendo stops the sale and distribution of Joy-Con cases for charity

Thus, according to the VGC colleagues , the content creator 'Captain Alex' placed on sale during the summer of last 2019 a series of personalized covers that had a single objective: to donate all the money collected to the JED Foundation, specialized in mental health and suicide prevention , precisely to prevent deaths such as the aforementioned Etika. However, despite having remained on sale for more than a year, Nintendo sent this past September a ban on continuing to market the covers.

This was explained by Captain Alex himself in a tweet in which he indicated that he found two campaigns for the covers, a first with little success but a second that led him to sell 300 of the 500 covers made approximately. However, as a result of the ban on the covers, the rest, which were for sale on your Etsy, have had to go to the trash , as shown in the following photograph:

Captain Alex

It should be noted that the particular reason why Nintendo has ordered the sale and distribution ban is due not to the modification of the Joy-Con as such, but to the fact that the word 'Joy-Con ' . Thus, Captain Alex himself indicates that he could re-create a print run of the remaining 200 with the Joy-Con logo removed, but at the moment we do not know if he will invest the time and resources necessary to do so given the outcome with the company. Japanese.

Logically, if Nintendo's order had been given in a product for its own benefit, it would not have had the current repercussions, but taking into account the charitable component of the movement organized by Captain Alex, there have been many who have criticized 'The Big N' for this decision . We'll see what happens in the future, but more and more people believe that Nintendo should be somewhat more flexible when dealing with initiatives from its own community of players.

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