Passage of the mission "The last game of rescuers". How do I find Sandra Dorsett in Cyberpunk 2077?

Passage of the mission "The last game of rescuers". How do I find Sandra Dorsett in Cyberpunk 2077?

 After completing the prologue, Jackie will offer you a tutorial - we advise you to do this. During the tutorial, the game explains in detail the most important aspects of the game. The next stages of training begin with the transition to blocks with the names of training modes and their launch.

After training, the next mission "The Last Rescue Game" begins. Get out of the car and follow Jackie. You will reach the elevator and enter the residential floor. Follow your accomplice down the hallway and pick the door open using the only available pick option.

Walk through the first room and you will find yourself in a room with a dead girl. Examine it and go to the door to the next room. You open it and see two enemies. Sneak up to the one on the right and destroy him, for example, grab him from the back.

Jackie will take care of the second enemy, and then move on - follow him. Of course, on the way, collect all the items, even junk, later you can sell it.

Jackie will be waiting for you at the end of the hallway. There are many enemies in the next room. It's impossible to kill them quietly here, so just aim well and start the fight by shooting one of the gangsters in the head.

Hide behind cover and watch out for strong rifle fire from the back room. After the fight, you need to wait for T-Bag to open the iron shutters. Go straight through the passage - and you can approach the enemy from the side and shoot at him through the window. You distract him and Jackie will finish him off.

Go to your companion and open the bathroom door. There are two bodies in the bath - check them and then connect to the wounded man's interface by talking to T-Bug. Dialogue options are irrelevant here.

After the conversation, pick up the wounded Sandra Dorsett and go to the indicated place on the balcony. Wait for the trauma team to arrive and place the girl on the stretcher and take a step back.

After that, you can search the apartment, but all you have to do is return to the garage. Follow Jackie all the time and get into the car in the passenger seat. Later, driving through the city, you have to fight off gangsters by shooting them from the car.

The police will let you through the blockade, no matter what you say. You will exit at your site. Walk up to the elevator, go up to the floor of the apartment and go to the apartment marked with the goal icon. In the apartment, you can check the cache and then go to bed.

The mission will end when you interact with the bed. After waking up, V will receive a new task.

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