Playstation 5 tip : how to use DualSense on Steam?

Playstation 5 tip : how to use DualSense on Steam?

Want to use your DualSense on your PC ? With the arrival of new generations of consoles, new controllers are obviously making their appearance. The players were therefore able to put their hands on the new controllers from Sony and Microsoft . And it is indeed the DualSense, controller of the new PlayStation 5 that has made the most talk. This controller with haptic motors more precise than the DualShock 4 and innovative adaptive triggers is of course suitable for the PlayStation 5 . But even if Sony has not provided any driver for the DualSense on Windows, it is still possible to use it via Steam.

Indeed the DualSense, although being the controller of the PlayStation 5 , is supported by Steam . However, you should definitely use Steam's Big Picture Mode . On this page, you can find our complete guide to connecting your DualSense controller to your PC .


The first step to using your DualSense is to connect it to your PC . To do this, you have two options: wired or Bluetooth.


This is the easiest way to connect your controller to your computer: all you need to do is connect the DualSense with its USB cable. If you got your DualSense with your PlayStation 5 , the USB-A to USB-C cable is included, but if you bought it separately you will need to get a cable elsewhere.


This method takes a little more time, but will allow you to play on your PC without having to plug in your controller. You will need a Bluetooth compatible PC for this : if your motherboard does not have an integrated Bluetooth card, you can find Bluetooth receivers on the market to connect via USB.

Open Windows settings and navigate to the "Bluetooth and other devices" page . Then click on "Add a Bluetooth device" and choose the "Bluetooth" category . Then take your controller and hold the PlayStation and Share buttons at the same time, until the LEDs flash rapidly. Your DualSense should then appear in the list of Bluetooth devices under the name "Wireless controller"


Steam only integrated DualSense support into its client's Beta version , made available on November 12. To get this version, launch Steam then navigate to settings: Steam> Settings> Account> Beta Test Program and choose the Steam Beta Update program .

Once your controller is connected to your PC , launch Steam, then Big Picture mode . DualSense controller is only supported when going through Big Picture mode . You will then see your PlayStation 5 controller appear in the list of available devices, and can use it in your PC games . You can even change the key configuration and calibration of the different axes via Steam Big Picture.


Even if you own a game outside of Steam, you will be able to play it with your DualSense . To do this, open your Steam library and navigate the menus: Games> Add a non-Steam game to my library ... You can then choose from the list the game you want to play. You will then need to launch it through Steam Big Picture to enjoy your PlayStation 5 controller.

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