Pokémon GO Guide: How to get to Level 41 - XP, tasks, tips

Pokémon GO Guide: How to get to Level 41 - XP, tasks, tips

You can now move up to rank 50 in Pokémon GO . The first step will be level 41 for you. We'll show you the EP requirements, the tasks and give you tips on how to solve them.

This is level 41: Since December 1, 2020, it continues after level 40. You can climb 10 more ranks. The first step is the way to level 41.

For this you have to have a certain number of XP and also solve 4 tasks that can be quite tricky.

Level 41 - XP, tasks and requirements

How much XP do you have to have for level 41? You need a total of 26 million EP. This means that after level 40 you have to collect another 6 million XP.

You have to solve these 4 tasks: There are a total of 4 quests that you have to solve for the ascent. You will only reach level 41 if you have achieved the EP and completed the quests. The 4 tasks are:

  • Use 20 power-ups on Legendary Pokémon
  • Win 30 raids
  • Catch 200 Pokémon in a day
  • Earn 5 gold medals

Tips and tricks for level 41

Power-ups with legendary Pokémon are worthwhile here: For this you should choose strong attackers. Legendary Pokémon are usually quite powerful, but there are exceptions.

We recommend power-ups for the following monsters:

  • Rayquaza
  • Mewtwo
  • Kyogre
  • Molasses
  • Reshiram
  • Zekrom
  • Giratina (original form)

This is how you can win 30 raids quickly: Especially for trainers in the village, 30 raids are difficult to complete quickly. Raid hours that take place every Wednesday are worthwhile here. There you can easily complete over 10 raids in an hour.

Otherwise you should mainly rely on remote raids. There are even apps that have focused on organizing remote raids. So you can easily sit on the sofa and complete numerous raids - but of course that goes on your PokéCoins.

How do you catch 200 Pokémon in a day? Events such as the limelight hour or the Community Day are worthwhile for such a task. In the spotlight hour alone, you can easily catch over 200 Pokémon and only need an hour.

We recommend the catch trick for this. This allows you to catch Pokémon much faster and can easily complete the task.

What about the gold medals? No level 40 trainer should have problems here. On the way to level 40 alone, you will collect numerous gold medals. They are simply counted from level 41.

How do you earn XP quickly? That might be the biggest challenge for some coaches. Earning XP can be difficult, but there are a few actions that can be taken quickly:

  • Friendships bring the most EP - get friends from the internet or your community and level up. Be sure to ignite a lucky egg during the rise of friendship
  • Catching Pokémon now brings significantly more XP - especially fabulous litters reward you significantly more
  • A lucky egg is also worthwhile during a raid hour - there you can get hold of several hundred thousand EPs
In addition to level 41, the first season is now also active. It brings new spawns and numerous other changes in Pokémon GO.

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