Pokémon GO Guide: How to reach Level 43 - tasks, XP, tips

Pokémon GO Guide: How to reach Level 43 - tasks, XP, tips

Level 43 in Pokémon GO requires a lot of XP from you, just like a lot of stardust and legendary Pokémon. In this guide you will find tips on how to get to level 43 quickly.

This is level 43: Since the GO Beyond update from December 2020 , the old level limit of 40 levels is history and you can go up to level 50.

However, from level 40 it is no longer enough to simply bag EP. You also have to complete various tasks per level that demand all of your skills as a trainer. Here you can find out what you have to do for level 43 and how it works best.

Level 43 - tasks and requirements

This is how many XP you need: You must have earned a total of 42.5 million XP to reach level 43. To jump from level 42 to 43, you have to add 9 million XP on top.

There are several ways to effectively earn XP. This includes maintaining friendships in Pokémon GO , but consistently developing and catching Pokémon can also bring a lot of EP. Especially fabulous throws now deliver really good experience points.

At OkayGotcha, we have summarized the best EP methods in our level guide for Pokémon GO .

It is also worthwhile to take advantage of events that bring more XP. In December 2020 there are a lot of dates when you can get double XP for various promotions.

Solve these 4 tasks: In addition, there are a total of 4 challenges that you have to pass on the way to level 43. They look like this:

  • Earn 100,000 stardust
  • Use 200 very effective loading attacks
  • Catch 5 legendary Pokémon
  • Earn 5 platinum medals

Let's take a closer look at the tasks here.

Tips and tricks for level 43

This is how you earn stardust quickly: Basically, every Pokémon you catch brings you a certain amount of stardust . Monsters of a higher level of development bring more than basic Pokémon. The weather boost also increases the amount of stardust. There is also stardust:

  • From eggs
  • From raids
  • In PvP
  • From gifts
  • As a reward for quests

As a rule, if you play a lot, you get a lot of stardust. You can drive the received dust up further by igniting a piece of star. If you are planning a longer session, you should definitely stack several pieces of stars to keep the effect as long as possible.

In addition, there are always events that bring you more stardust. The XXL Community Day in December is well suited to bagging stardust: On two days there is double stardust for six hours for catching Pokémon. But you should also keep an eye on spotlight hours that take place regularly. Because here too there are regular bonuses for the coveted dust.

So you use 200 very effective loading attacks: The task is relatively easy to implement. If you use the right attacks, the 200 should come about fairly quickly.

How effective an attack is depends on the type of your opponent. A fire attack, for example, is very effective against plant-type Pokémon, while a water attack is particularly hard on fire monsters.

So the goal is to fight as many fights as possible. So let off steam here:

  • Against rocket bullies and bosses
  • Raids
  • Arenas

You can also use very effective loading attacks in PvP. Here, however, you have to expect that your opponents will exchange their monsters when they notice that you can make very effective attacks. The mode is therefore only suitable for this task to a limited extent.

Catch 5 legendary Pokémon: This task is relatively clear, 5 legendary Pokémon can theoretically be caught quickly. As things currently stand, there is only one reliable way to do this: Legendary raids. 

There were also legendary Pokémon in the past

  • as a PvP reward
  • in research breakthrough
  • From rocket quests

At the moment this is not the case. But keep an eye on this - depending on the event, it is possible that legendary monsters can be caught in other ways than raids.

So that you can get the 5 legendaries together quickly, the regular raid hours are ideal. They always take place on Wednesdays and put a monster in the foreground, which then appears in almost all arenas.

Here you can, especially with the help of remote raids, quickly get the legendary monsters together - provided you find raid lobbies with enough players and have enough passes. There are apps in which remote raids are organized. Here you can get support if necessary.

Earn 5 platinum medals: If you are already ready to rise to level 43, you should have already collected a few gold medals. The platinum medals are now the next level and just keep counting. Some examples:

  • For the platinum “collector” medal you need a total of 50,000 captured Pokémon
  • The "Jogger" medal wants 10,000 kilometers from you.
  • The type medals now want specific monsters from you, such as 2,500 poison monsters for the "Punker" medal.

You will inevitably get the first 5 platinum medals by yourself if you play a lot. Only in the higher levels it could be really difficult to get the necessary medals.

The collective medals in particular should come by themselves over time, depending on how much you catch. 

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