Pokémon GO Guide: How to reach level 44 - tasks, XP, tips

Pokémon GO Guide: How to reach level 44 - tasks, XP, tips

 Do you want to climb to level 44 in Pokémon GO ? Then prepare for a lot of fights! Here you will find tips on how to level up.

This is level 44: Since the GO Beyond update was released at the end of December 2020 , you can break through the old level limit of 40 and climb higher. Level 50 is the new limit - but the steps to get there are not easy.

Because instead of just farming XP, you also have to pass a few challenges. What exactly you have to do for level 44, you can find out here at a glance.

Level 44 - tasks, requirements, rewards

This is how many EP you need: The EP is probably the one that will take you the longest on the way to level 44 if you don't already have them together. In total, you have to have 53.5 million XP to land at level 44. Between level 43 and 44 there are 11 million EP.

To get them together, you have to play a lot in the first place. One effective way to get XP farming is by making friends in Pokémon GO , as well as completing legendary raids. In general, every Pokémon caught brings you XP, and especially fabulous litters fill your XP account quickly.

Basically, it is worth taking advantage of events that bring double EP. This is the case at some spotlight hours or on selected community days. If you ignite a lucky egg during this time, you will even get four EPs. 

In addition to the EP, you must also solve these 4 tasks:

The tasks

Win 30 Super League Trainer Battles

Win 30 Trainer Battles in the Hyper League

Win 30 Master League Trainer Battles

Fight 20 times in the GO Battle League


As a reward for leveling up, you will receive:

  • 20 hyperballs
  • 20 top potions
  • 20 top revitalizers
  • 20 raspberries
  • 1 incubator
  • 1 premium raid pass
  • 1 XL special candy

Tips for level 44 - This is how it works

This is how you solve the fights: Basically, you can fight fights in the GO Battle League. There you can choose between the Super League, Hyper League and Master League. If you also want the rewards of the PvP league, you can play your matches there. You have then automatically completed the fourth task.

Good Pokémon for this include:

  • Super league: Azumarill, Galar-Flunschlik, Sumpex, Altaria
  • Hyperliga: Cresselia, Sumpex, Giratina, Registeel
  • Master league: Groudon, Melmetal, Dialga, Giratina

This is faster: If you just want to get rid of the fights quickly, you can simply challenge your friends and help each other to victory. Select them in the friends menu and then fight in the appropriate league.

If you coordinate, you will get the fights done very quickly. So a coach can just use a team with a very low CP and lose the fight quickly. If both need victories to level, you take turns.

Then there are the 20 matches in the fighting league. But you just have to take part in them, you don't have to win them. The tasks of the level can really be completed within a very short time. Only the EPs last if you haven't got them yet.

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