Pokémon GO: new promotional code to get free items

Pokémon GO: new promotional code to get free items

If you have recently returned to Pokémon GO, or want to strengthen your inventory to reach level 50, with this promotional code you can get 3 free pineapple berries.

It has been four and a half years since the launch of Pokémon GO . And if you played it at the time (what a summer 2016...) and put it aside, this is a good time to take it up again . Anytime is a good time, really, because Niantic has not rested on its laurels and has continued to expand and improve the Pokémon GO experience.

However, one of its biggest updates to date, Pokémon GO Beyond , has just launched . In this update, new Pokémon from Kalos have been added (the sixth generation, that of Pokémon X and Y), the maximum level has been increased to 50 and the seasons (seasons) have begun.

If you want a little help in Pokémon GO, with this code you can get 3 Pinia Berries totally free:


To redeem this code on Android, enter Pokémon GO and go to the store, in the Promotions section. Of course, if you are playing on iOS you must do it at this link and enter the code by logging in. At the moment, the expiration of the code is unknown, but take advantage of it when you can.

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