Pokémon GO: Regirock counterattack - This is how you defeat the raid boss

 Pokémon GO: Regirock counterattack - This is how you defeat the raid boss.

When is Regirock coming? Regirock makes the beginning. It is in the arenas from Saturday, December 12th, 2020 from 6:00 a.m. to Sunday, December 13th at 10:00 p.m. So you can stop by if you're playing Community Day in December anyway.

Regirock overview with WP, type, weaknesses

Regirock overview with WP, type, weaknesses

WP after the catch:  1784 WP with perfect IV values ​​at level 20, 2230 WP with weather boost (slightly cloudy) at level 25, perfect IV values

Type:  It belongs to the rock type.

Vulnerable to:  Combat, soil, water, plants, steel

Recommended trainers:  At least 4 (with extremely strong attackers), 6-7 to play it safe

Which attacks is Regirock capable of?

  • Stone throw (rock) - instant attack
  • Smashers (Combat) - Instant attack
  • Target Shot (Normal) - Instant attack
  • Stone Edge (Rock) - Charge Attack
  • Focus Strike (Combat) - Charge Attack
  • Blitzkanon (electric) - charging attack

Regirock Counter - These Pokémon are strong in combat

With the following attackers you have a good chance in the raid against Regirock and distribute a lot of damage. Here you can find the top counterattacks:




Cartridge blow & star blow


Clay shot & earthquake


Clay shot & earthquake

Most of the time

Counterattack & powerful blow


Clay clamp & earthquake


Aqua gun & aqua howitzer


Counter & aurasphere


Cascade & Hydro Pump


Metal Claw & Iron Skull

Cap mushroom

Counterattack & shrubbery


If you can fall back on mega developments, you will also find some very powerful options. These are:

  • Mega Turtok with aqua gun and aqua howitzer
  • Mega Bisaflor with tendril cut and Flora statue
  • Mega Gengar with Schlecker and focus shot

Best attacker in weather conditions

Rain:  If you take part in a Regirock raid while the rainy weather is active in Pokémon GO, Kyogre is again a stronger attacker. Be careful when Regirock has mastered his Blitzkanone electric attack. That then also does more damage. Sumpex also benefits with its water attacks.

Sun:  In sunshine, Groudon moves even further forward on the podium of the best attackers. Knakrack will also benefit from the weather.

Now you should be well prepared for the fight against Regirock. Which attackers do you use in your combat team?

Do you want to get the best attacks for your monsters on Community Day?

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