Pokémon GO: Today Raid Lesson with Kyurem - Who is it for?

Pokémon GO: Today Raid Lesson with Kyurem - Who is it for?

 Today, December 9th, the next raid hour with Kyurem starts in Pokémon GO . Here you will find the best attackers against the legendary monster and all information.

This is a raid hour: The raid hour takes place regularly once a week, always on Wednesdays. Anyone can take part - the only thing you need are raid passes. Or remote raid passes if you're playing from home.

Within an hour you will find legendary raids on almost every arena. The 5-star raids are currently still occupied by Kyurem, as well as throughout December . This monster can then be found in almost every arena during the course of the event. The perfect chance to grab the ice kite.

Raid lesson on December 9th - who should participate?

When does it start? As usual, the raid hour starts at 6:00 p.m. local time. The raid eggs appear in the arenas beforehand and then hatch in time for the start. At 7:00 p.m. it is all over again and you will find the normal spawns again.

How many trainers do you need? In fact, you can defeat Kyurem as a couple if you are at least level 40 and use strong counterattacks. Are you still on the way to level 40 or do not have the right monsters and attacks, you will need more trainers.

Who should attend First and foremost, the raid lesson is worthwhile for players who do not yet have a Kyurem in their collection. But the raid hour is also worthwhile if you are in the process of leveling.

Legendary raids bring you 10,000 EP, even 20,000 EP with lucky eggs. Since you can defeat Kyurem with just a few players, you can quickly collect XP here. Remote raids give you the opportunity to play together without going out. This is also a great way to increase the friendship level - which in turn gives you XP. In raid hours you also have a good chance to join random trainer groups via remote raids and complete a few raids.

Even players who are currently between level 40 and 50 can make good use of the raid hour. For example you need:

  • 30 raids for level 41
  • 20 power-ups for legendary Pokémon - Kyurem can bring you the sweets you need (also level 41)
  • For level 43 you have to catch 5 legendary Pokémon
  • At level 47 you need 30 raids that you have to fight with a team of the same species - here you could use a team of top counterattacks when you are ready.

Am I getting Shiny Kyurem here? Unfortunately no, Shiny Kyurem is not yet included in the game. So you can only catch the normal variant of Kyurem here. The black and white versions of the monster are also still missing.

Kyurem counterattack - This is how you defeat the legendary Pokémon

Here is a brief overview of the best counterattacks against Kyurem. The monster is a dragon and ice type, which is why you should rely on the following types:

  • struggle
  • rock
  • stole
  • fairy
  • Dragon
The best counterattacks against Kyurem are these monsters:




Counterattack and aurasphere


Cartridge blow and star blow

Most of the time

Counterattack and powerful blow


Metal Claw and Draco Meteor


Counterattack and powerful blow


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