PS5 Complete Guide: All Tricks and Tutorials

PS5 Complete Guide: All Cheats and Tutorials

 PlayStation 5 is the new Sony console that was launched on November 12, 2020 in the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea and on November 19 in the rest of the world. PS5 has many new features compared to its predecessor, from design to technical specifications . The design of the machine has been completely changed and combines black with a white outer casing. There are two versions of PS5 for sale, although the differences between the two are minimal.

The standard edition has an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc reader , while the PS5 Digital Edition is fully digital. This means that the two consoles have the same technical specifications, but the digital edition does not support physical games. As a result, the standard PS5 has a higher price (499 euros) of 100 euros of difference. The PS5 architecture is backward compatible with 99 percent of PS4 games , so users can continue to play their physical (standard PS5 only) and digital games on the new console.

PS5 technical specifications


AMD Zen 2 8-core 3.5GHz (variable frequency)


AMD RDNA 2 with 36 CUDA cores at 2.23 GHz


10.28 TFLOPS


Custom (7nm)

Target performance

4K and 60 fps (up to 120 fps)


825 GB NVME SSD - PCIe Gen 4 -. 5.5 GB / s read speed (through compression reaches 8-9 GB / s)

Expandable storage

Supports 1 TB expansion cards

Backward compatibility

Backward compatible with 99% of PS4 video games


4K UHD Blu-ray

Video output

HDMI 2.1




The console includes a DualSense control in white that has slightly changed its shape and is now more ergonomic. DualSense is more curved than the DualShock 4, which provides better grip. This device incorporates motion detection and haptic feedback on the back, which is embodied in a vibration system to transmit more realistic sensations . The triggers of the controller are adaptive and allow you to feel different levels of tension when interacting on screen with weapons or cars, for example. This means that the firing trigger can be blocked if the weapon jams in game. In this basic guide we introduce you to other PS5 accessories and other tricks to start enjoying from the console.

Guide Index

  • PS5 installation
  • Connect DualSense Remote
  • Set up PS5 from scratch
  • Sign in or create a PlayStation Network account
  • Transfer data from your PS4 or install new games on PS5
  • Configure other PS5 settings
  • PlayStation Plus and PS Plus Collection

PS5 installation

Although anyone would like to turn on the console and start playing, the first thing you have to do is install the console for it to work properly. The PS5 package contains everything you need for installation , including a manual that is recommended to read before anything else.

  • The PS5 console or the PS5 digital edition console.
  • A DualSense wireless controller.
  • A USB Type C to Type A charging cable for the DualSense Wireless Controller.
  • HDMI cable (compatible with high speed thanks to HDMI v2.1).
  • AC power cord.
  • Base that allows the console to be positioned vertically or horizontally.
  • Safety and Quick Start Guide.
Vertical or horizontal? Many users ask this question because until now Sony consoles had better horizontal stability. The video game company explained the difference between putting it horizontally or vertically , although it should not affect the performance of the machine. The most important thing is to avoid blocking the ventilation or placing it in a very small space because it could overheat.

Once the installation location and position have been chosen, the PS5 must be placed on the base . Then connect the HDMI cable to the television and the other end to the console. And finally, connect the power cord of the console to the current so that it receives power. In just three steps you will have the PlayStation 5 console installed to turn it on, although the next step will be to configure the settings and create a PlayStation Network account if you do not have one yet.

Connect DualSense Remote

When you first turn on the console, you will need to connect the DualSense controller to be able to navigate the interface . Another of the virtues of this controller is that it is compatible with PC and can even be connected to Nintendo Switch with an adapter. The DualSense is a peripheral that wants to revolutionize the way you play on PlayStation 5 and the first sensations are very good. PS5 includes a completely free pre-installed game to discover the possibilities of the controller. It's called Astro's Playroom , where you can explore 4 different worlds that make a clear tribute to the history of PlayStation .

Returning to the topic at hand, the first time you connect the DualSense remote you have to use the USB type C charging cable that is included. Just connect the cable to the central USB port of PS5 and press the PS button between the two sticks. The remote will light up , which means it is already connected. The console itself shows you an image of the connection, so there is no loss. After detecting the controller, PS5 will advance to the next setting to select the console language.

Set up PS5 from scratch

Choosing the language of the console is important to link with the PlayStation Store in your region . Although it should be noted that PS5 is region free and there are no regional blocks of the games. But some offers may be available in some countries and not in others. Not only is this initial setup required, but these steps cannot be skipped. Some of the settings that we will see below are the Internet connection, power options or configuring the user account .

It is recommended to have the latest version of the PS5 software installed, but the console must be previously connected to the home network. The next step of the setup allows you to choose the Wi-Fi network or connect a LAN cable to your PS5. If you choose the first option, just enter the password and PS5 will immediately connect to the Internet. Next you have to adjust the viewing area to your television screen. The corners are indicated with circles and you have to move the area with the controller sticks until the black borders disappear .

Finally, you will have to adjust the brightness of the HDR, following the instructions on the screen and you will be able to install the first game in physical format . PS5 will allow you to insert a disc to install, or you can skip this step in [Continue without disc] until the entire process is complete. Now you can choose the power options in sleep mode. This option is a power saving state in which the PS5 allocates only the necessary resources for some actions such as downloading games or charging the battery of the DualSense controller. Accept the PS5 license agreement to set up the user account.

Sign in or create a PlayStation Network account

Log in with your username and password , unless you don't have a PlayStation Network account. Then you have to configure one from scratch in [Create an account]. You can also skip this step and do it later from the [Settings] menu as explained below:

  • Go to [Settings] of PS5 .
  • Click [Login].
  • Select the [Users and Accounts] option.
  • Choose [Account] and click [Login] .
  • Select [Create account].
  • Enter your personal information such as date of birth, region or language.
Finally, enter your email address and password 2 times to confirm.
It's important to log in with your own profile to buy digital games, take advantage of your PS Plus subscription, or simply to play those titles that are linked to your PlayStation Network account . However, you can have many gamer profiles without an account, but they can access the games installed on the console. You can also create guest profiles that will be automatically deleted when you log out.

After logging in, PS5 informs you on how to protect your account, as the user session will automatically open when you turn on the console. From the configuration of the PS5 itself, you can set a password for other users who use the same console or request a password to make purchases. This will prevent other people from having access to these actions without your consent. If you have more questions about managing these accounts, deleting users or activating two-step verification , you have the following guides available.

Transfer data from your PS4 or install new games on PS5

The last step of the PS5 setup allows you to transfer all your PS4 data to your new console. This data includes users, games or saved data . All this information can take up too much disk space, so it is recommended that you control the size of the files you are going to transfer. If you are not sure, it is best to skip this step, as you can do it at any time from the [Settings] of PS5.

After skipping this step, you will arrive at the main PS5 screen, from where you can buy, download or access your already installed games . PS5 only includes Astro's Playroom as a pre-installed game, so the other games will have to be installed manually. If you have the physical version of the game, you can insert the disc in PS5 and the installation will begin , while if you buy a digital game you have to make the purchase with your PlayStation Network user account and start the download.

We remind you that PS4 games are compatible with PS5 thanks to the backward compatibility of the console. So the PS5 launch catalog is more generous than in other generations. Even so, the companies have released versions of their intergenerational games for PS4 and PS5, distinguished by the cover of the box. Rest assured that both editions work on your new console. As if that were not enough, you can also download the free PlayStation Plus games that a library of 20 games known as the PS Plus Collection has added , among which God of War, Fallout 4 or Horizon Zero Dawn stand out .

Many intergenerational games like Assassin's Creed: Valhalla have a free upgrade to PS5 . This means that the same game is automatically improved when used on PS5, although there is a reduced list of games that allow this option. The only thing you have to keep in mind in this type of game is to download the mentioned update from PlayStation Store to have it available. From that moment you can play the version you want on the same console. However, all PS4 games will benefit from the PS5 Game Boost feature automatically. So you don't have to activate this option in the system.

Configure other PS5 settings

PS5 has optimal technical specifications to improve download speed and minimize waiting times. Games like Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales or Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart demonstrate that it is possible to eliminate these loading screens thanks to the operation of your SSD. Even so, the user can make some adjustments to achieve a higher download speed or enjoy the games at the best resolution.

In this regard, PS5 supports resolutions of 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 2160 and could reach 8K. The incompatibility with the 1440p forced Sony to give explanations , although it is not ruled out that it will arrive in the future. By default, PS5 detects the resolution of the screen you use, but you can turn 4K on and off at any time.

From PS5 you can also access parental control , a very useful function to control children's play. Parents can manage their children's use of the console , set limits on playtime, or block communication and content inappropriate for their age.

PlayStation Plus and PS Plus Collection

Players need a PlayStation Plus subscription to access the multiplayer features of PS5 games, except for free ones like Fortnite. It is an online service that offers benefits to users for a monthly or annual fee.

In addition, each month they give away games that subscribers can add to their personal libraries. Sony has expanded the paid service and has included a score of the most successful PS4 games that are available from the first day of launch on PS5. They are such popular games as God of War, Days Gone and many more.

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