PUBG unveils the new features of Season 10 including Haven, a new map

 For its tenth season, the battle royale of Bluehole sees things in a big way by offering a new map in which you will have to fight against the Pillars, enemies controlled by the AI, in addition to other players.

It is “the densest PUBG battleground to date” for Bluehole. With the arrival of season 10 on December 16 on PC and on December 17 on Xbox, PlayStation and Stadia, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will welcome Haven, a map in 1x1 format that will feature 32 players in an urban environment focusing above all on verticality. .

The industrial island where the action takes place is split into several distinct zones, including Carbon Steelworks, Coal Yards, Industrial Zone, Residential Zone, The Overpass, and The Docks. But if the number of 32 participants may seem lower than usual, it is because players will also have to face a new enemy faction known as the "Pillar" roaming the map .

The Pillars are private military contractors who protect valuable, high-level loot caches all over the map. If players manage to eliminate the most dangerous Pillar Guards and Pillar Commanders, they will be able to collect Level 3 gear.

PUBG unveils the new features of Season 10 including Haven, a new map

However, these mercenaries don't just travel on foot, and it won't be uncommon for participants to stumble upon the Pillar tactical truck and the Pillar scout Helicopter during the game . If one of the survivors were to cross the path of the truck, the latter would not hesitate to attack using molotov cocktails and very powerful firearms. Ditto for the helicopter which travels the map while seeking to locate the survivors using its projector and which does not require calling reinforcements to eliminate them. These two new vehicles are highly armored , so you better think twice before tackling them.

Fortunately, in order to be able to easily escape these enemies, Haven features a lot of elevated environments, like a freeway and tall buildings, and Season 10 also hosts a rescue parachute so you can flee and move around more easily.

Season 10 also hosts a rescue parachute

Finally, who says new season, also says new Survivor Pass. This time titled Breakthrough, the latter comes with a variety of items including Pillar's uniform, colorful beans, sunglasses, and urban-style costume sets . In addition, up to 1000 G-Coins can be received as a reward, covering the cost of next season's Survivor Pass.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Season 10 will be available on December 16 on PC, and December 17 on Xbox, PlayStation and Stadia.

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