Shady Part of Me-Walkthrough

Shady Part of Me-Walkthrough

 A detailed walkthrough guide to the dark platformer Shady Part of Me, in which you control a little girl and her shadow

Session 1. Swing

Move to the right, jumping over obstacles, until you reach a rotating circle. Step into it to see the path further. Climb up and jump to the bird on the left. Go right until you see mushrooms and a bird below. Jump to the left of the bird, jump onto the mushroom and even more to the right to pick up the bird. Go back up the grate and jump to the right, moving exclusively on top.


Jump over the mushrooms, but linger when you see the gap between the two mushrooms. Jump down to reveal a hidden bird. When you fall even lower, keep to the left to get on the mushroom with the bird. Climb up the grate. Eventually, you will fall down and see the title of the game.

Session 2. Among the shadows

Move right and avoid light. When you see the swinging doors, hide at the table and wait. Once they are closed, take the paper bird and move on. Follow right and down. There will be a closed door and a paper bird on the left. Take your time en route as there are lights that turn on and off. Move to the right following the light and wait on the balcony in the middle for the light to go to the left. Walk to the right and head up. You can pick up the paper bird along the way.


When you walk past the rows of books, go to the back of the screen under the word "Condemned" to find a paper bird. Go back and head right past the busts. Eventually, you will meet your shadow.

Session 3. Integrity

Activate one lever with an ordinary girl, and the far one with a shadow. To continue, both the girl and the shadow must be in their own circles. Next time with the shadow, pull the lever three times to guide the normal girl forward, avoiding the light. And then stand with both characters in your circles.

It is easier to get to the next circles. Only an ordinary girl will need to move slowly when the light goes out. Take the paper bird along the way. Walk an ordinary girl to the lever, following the loose lamp. Pull on it to raise the shadow. Jump with your shadow onto the block that will take you to the right. Stand in circles.

There will be another loose lamp with a paper bird. Pick up the moment and use your shadow to reach the lever. Pull on it to raise the column. As an ordinary girl, follow the light of the lamp to the right, but stand under the lever, against the wall. There will be a shadow and a bird that you can pick up. It remains to get to the circles.

Use the shadow to select the bird that will appear on the moving platform. Then get to the circles. An ordinary girl will have to push the box to the right and go down between the supports. get to the elevator to go up. Both characters!

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