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Subverse developers create their own launcher and answer questions about the game's release

 Studio FOW has published a new Subverse Developer Diary, in which it revealed a lot of new information about the development of the game and its release in the first quarter of 2021.

Due to the fact that adult games cannot be purchased on Steam in Germany, Australia, South Korea and China, the developers have decided to release their own launcher to distribute Subverse, which will be released simultaneously with the release. Players in other countries can also choose where to buy the game: on Steam or through the Studio FOW launcher. More details will follow later.

The original plan was for the Subverse to have just 10 chapters. Now there are 22 of them and they have been significantly expanded. The initial release will include 6 chapters, including mandatory tutorials and recruitment missions. Initially, there will be three waifu available: Lily Demi and Killy. The number of porn scenes has also increased, video previews and more detailed information will appear soon.

As new chapters are released, the plot in the old ones will not change, so you can just keep playing on, not starting from the very beginning. Only errors and bugs will be corrected in updates. Saves will also be compatible with all future versions of the game.

As new chapters are added, each waifu will have new dialogue options regarding new characters and events in the global story.

The developers find it difficult to name the exact time between chapter releases, since some of the releases will be larger than the previous ones.

The Subverse world consists of five nebulae (six if we assume that the Dragon Nebula is divided into North and South). There are over 500 planets in these nebulae. 2/3 of these planets will include difficulty level 1 collisions, storyline or some kind of side quest. Each system will usually have several difficulty level 2 collisions and at least one difficulty level 3 collision. The total duration of the game will be over 30 hours.

The Closed Beta has added the secret sixth enemy faction "Scoundrels" and the new map Scoundrel Madness, which takes place on a planet covered in jungle. Scoundrels will appear throughout the game during planetary encounters and many side quests.

Subverse developers create their own launcher and answer questions about the game's release