Team Rocket in Pokémon Go (December 2020): clues to know which Pokémon lineup you're up against

Team Rocket in Pokémon Go (December 2020): clues to know which Pokémon lineup you're up against

Facing the Team Rocket recruits in Pokémon GO can be easier if we know in advance which Pokémon they can have in their team. This can be known thanks to some clues that they give.

GO recruits Team Rocket in Pokémon Go are an excellent way to train in Niantic mobile game and get rewards. However, it is not always easy to defeat all of them. In combat, knowledge is power and since Team Rocket has always been a bit loud, these recruits give clues as to what pokémon they have.

To know the team, you just have to listen to the phrase they say when they want to face a coach , this will give you an indication of what pokémon they have in their team. Here we leave you the list of tracks and pokémon they have.

Team Rocket in Pokémon Go (December 2020): clues to know which Pokémon lineup you're up against

Rolled up and ready to strike

  • Male or female nester
  • Golbat, Muk or Grimer
  • Nidorina or Nidorino

Normal does not mean weak

  • Teddiursa
  • Ratticate or Porygon2
  • Porygon-Z or Snorlax

What was that noise?

  • Dratini
  • Dragonair or Flygon
  • Dragonite or Dragonair or Gyarados

These waters are treacherous

  • Psyduck, Shellder or Magikarp
  • Polliwhirl, Golduck or Magikarp
  • Poliwrath, Politoed, Magikarp or Gyarados

Don't get tangled up with us

  • Hoppip or Bulbasaur
  • Weepinbell, Ivysaur or Gloom
  • Victreebel, Shiftry or Vileplume

Fight my flying type pokémon

  • Zubat, Golbat or Skarmory
  • Scyther, Crobat or Golbat
  • Gyarados, Crobat or Dragonite

Do you know how hot a pokémon's fire breath can be?

  • Vulpix or Houndour
  • Ninetails or Houndoom

You will be defeated on land

  • Diglett or Gilgar
  • Marowak, Pupitar or Vibrava
  • Gilscor or Flygon

Are you afraid of psychics who use invisible powers?

  • Wobbuffet, Slowpoke or Abra
  • Drowzee, Ralts or Hypno
  • Kadabra, Kirlia or Hypno

Let's Rock And Roll!

  • Larvitar or Aerodactyl
  • Pupitar or Larvitar
  • Pupitar or Tyranitar

Ke ... Ke ... Ke ... Ke ...

  • Duskull, Sableye or Shuppet
  • Sableye, Banette or Dusclops
  • Sableye, Dusknoir or Banette
his physique is not just to show off!

  • Machop or Hitmonlee
  • Hitmonlee
  • Machoke

You will be frozen

  • Snover or Cloyster
  • Snover or Abomasnow
  • Lapras or Abomasnow

Where There Is Light, There Is Also Dark

  • Shunky
  • Stuntank or Sableye
  • Stunktank or Shiftry

Prepare to be shocked

  • Magnemite, Electabuzz or Mareep
  • Flaaffy, Magneton or Electabuzz
  • Electabuzz or Ampharos

Don't bother, I've already won / Prepare to be defeated! / Winning is for winners

  • Aerodactyl
  • Poliwrath, Snorlax or Gardevoir
  • Snorlax, Dragonite or Gyarados

Now you know what you're up against. 

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