The best free games for Android

 Advantages and disadvantages of free games on Android

Thanks to our phone we can take advantage of the downtime to read, check the internet or the mail and play some games, if we have downtime in public transport or on breaks we can play a game that we have at hand and that is games Quick, in this guide we are going to teach you the best free games for Android.

Android is an operating system with a much higher share than the rest in the market, we can take advantage of this device as a portable console in a casual way , in situations where we have a while we can entertain ourselves with any of the games that we have installed. In the Play Store there are games for everyone , free and paid games, to play short games or adventure games with a much longer duration.

Generally these casual games are of the Free to Play type , this means that you can download them for free to play , but they have in-app purchases or advertising to support the development of this game. Among the free games there are the pay to win type , which you will need to make a payment if you want to evolve or advance in the game.

Free games with advertising or micropayments

The main advantages of this type of free to play game is, as its name suggests, that they are free , they are also casual and do not require much attention or dedication to continue, simply the skill that you acquire throughout the game. For example, the famous Candy Crush we will have to gather 3 candies of the same color to pass the screen, as you progress, the levels are complicated with different goals to achieve.

On the contrary, these types of games also have their disadvantages , if we continue with the example of Candy Crash and if you already have a little experience, the levels begin to be more complicated and we have limited lives to try to pass the level, when lives end we will have to wait a while for them to recharge, or we have the option of paying to recharge lives in addition to being able to buy power-ups and objects to make it easier for us to win the game.

Pay to continue in the game

It is possible that these types of games offer you these objects and benefits for free initially or during the game to encourage purchase. In addition, on some occasions we will be unable to advance further in the game or evolve our character , in this case we will have to make a purchase to obtain that necessary enhancer and continue playing, these are called Pay to Win , in which if you do not make this purchase , you will be stuck.

An example of this type of game is Clash Royale , where you will have to pay if you want to level up your cards quickly , you can also pay to open the chests ahead of time which will give you a slight advantage over those who have not paid anything and are at the same trophy level as you.

Whatever the type of game, paying or not is your choice, you can leave the game if you see that at some point it is necessary to make a payment to continue or advance, there are thousands of games in the play store but we are going to let you the 10 best games for Android.

The best games for Android

In this section we are going to classify the 10 best games for Android from the tenth to the first , there are varied themes and all free , although if you wish you can pay for extra objects.

10 - Gardenscapes

The best games for Android

On this occasion you will incarnate in the skin of a character who decides to completely remodel his garden , for this we will need stars that we will win as we solve the puzzles that he presents us , with a theme similar to Candy Crash, but with the addition of decorating the huge garden, we will have to form rows of colors to achieve the increasingly complicated objectives that he proposes to us to win the star and carry out the next mission.

With Gardenscape we will also have a limit of lives to consume , once these are spent we will have to wait half an hour for each life that is recharged with a maximum of 5, although it is possible to buy a pack of enhancers with infinite lives for a while for a few euros in your own store , in this game they offer us these enhancers as a reward, but for free.

9 - Candy Crush

The best games for Android

This is the typical game for fast and casual games , in this way we can play practically anywhere and with very little time spent, the puzzle game consists of collecting candies of the same color and completing the missions that are indicated, more complicated to as we progress levels.

This game has limited lives , and when we lose we will have to wait a while to be able to recharge lives, although we can also share our progress with friends on social networks to obtain rewards or buy power-up and life packages for a few euros .

8 - Sonic the Hedgehog

The best free games for Android

A classic of the platforms from the hand of Sega, the hedgehog has to travel the screen until it reaches the end without being eliminated , you will have to take rings to obtain greater rewards, at the end of each phase there is a final boss that you will have to defeat. Every 100 rings you will get a life and every 50 the possibility at the end of the phase of playing Sonic's dream to get the gem , get them all.

This game is free if we play it with advertisements that will appear at the end of the levels, paused or before starting to play, but not during the game. This would be another example of a Free to play game with advertising.

7. Pokemon Go

The best free games for Android

In this Niantic game we will have to advance through the streets of our city to find and capture Pokemon , you will travel through a real map where they can appear anywhere, there are poke stops where you can get pokeballs and objects to attract and catch more Pokemon, you will have to catch them all taking into account the places where they can appear and the time of year, for example, water-type Pokemon can be seen more by sources, rivers or the sea.

You may take a good walk and find enough Pokemon to catch, pokeballs are a limited resource and you cannot visit a poke stop twice in a row to get more pokeballs, you will have to wait a while, or you can buy Pokemon coins and money with exchange them for these pokeballs or other available objects. It is not an advantage over others, but it does facilitate the capture of Pokemon.

6 - Brawls Stars

The best free games for Android

In this game, from the same company as Clash Royale, we will form teams of 3 players where the objective of the game is the team that has the greatest number of gems at the end of time will have won the game, you will have to defeat the enemy to remove their gems or take them from the center of the screen before them, when you finish and win the game you will get coins to improve your character.

In this game we can also get these coins by paying in the store included in the game, we can buy coins to get these improvements without having to play and win games, leveling up much faster.

5 - PUBG Mobile

The best free games for Android

As in the PC game, but adapted to the screen of a mobile phone, we will have to fight against the remaining 99 that fall on the map from the plane to survive the last one, we will have to explore every corner to get hold of Equipment and weapons with which to defeat the enemies while keeping an eye on the circle that is closing in order not to be left out of the field of play.

In PUBG Mobile we can buy the season pass as usual in these games , as we gain experience and we finish games we can unlock aesthetic objects for our character. If we have the season pass these objects will be less common and more exclusive.

4 - COD Mobile

The best free games for Android

The Call Of Duty Mobile is one of these games that are not quick games , here we will have to have a little more time, when you reach level 4 after playing some 5 against 5 games, you can enter the Battle Royale mode , at just like the Modern Warfare that we tell you about here . You will have to defeat 100 enemies to be the last one and win the game to acquire points that will make you increase the level and obtain rewards.

We can obtain weapon and character upgrades by exchanging the coins that they will give us at the end of the game, you can also buy a premium season pass to get better objects every time we win a game and level up.

3 - Fortnite

The best free games for Android

Everyone knows Fortnite, a Battle Royale in which we will have to face 100 rivals on an island , either individually, in pairs or teams of 4, as soon as we jump off the flying bus, we will fall in an area of ​​the island and we will have We have to go exploring to get weapons and fleeing from the storm that is closing the game area, we will have to be the last to win the game , unlike the other Battle Royale, here we can build shelters, ramps, stairs, etc.

Fortnite is not a casual game where the games have their duration, buying your season pass in addition to the free cosmetic objects we will get additional ones, this is a Free to play game , since the objects obtained do not offer any improvement beyond one aspect different.

2 - Genshin Impact

The best free games for Android

It is an open-world role-playing video game with action and adventure elements developed and distributed by miHoYo. In this title we will take control of fantasy characters that are considered as elemental gods , distributed in categories such as Cryo, Dendro, Pyro, Hydro, Anemo, Electro and Geo.

The gameplay consists of controlling the characters from a third-person perspective , where they must be in charge of eliminating evil creatures with their powers and finding mystical and magical objects. It should be noted that the characters can be changed instantly by pressing a button, that is, different combos of elements can be made with the attacks of each of the 30 playable characters.

1 - Among Us

The best free games for Android

In this game you will have to discover the murderer or murderers , while you carry out the assigned missions, the traitor can boycott these missions or even assassinate one of the players, then it will lead to a meeting in the form of a chat of the remaining players to try to identify the murderer or murderers.

This game is free of the Free to play type , in it we can find ads between games or as a small window, we have the option to pay to remove these ads, although it is possible to play without paying anything, we can also pay a few euros to dress our player with different costumes, hats or accompany him with a pet.

Play without paying on Android

There are games for all tastes, if you want to play games to spend some time with good graphics you have Fortnite, PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile, in these games you can buy objects in their store to level up in some cases and in others only cosmetic accessories.

Also other of the games seen here are more casual , where a quick game at some free time can take away stress or entertain us if we have nothing better to do. A couple of screens of Candy Crush, or Gardenscapes are done quickly, or who knows, we can run out of lives and not have passed it and have to buy some extra lives in your store.

In any case, we have left you the best Android games of varied themes in which it is perfectly feasible to play without paying absolutely anything as long as you play for fun, if you want to compete you have many power-ups, coins and infinite lives to spend your euros on succulents offers that they often prepare with packs in their own stores.

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