The best Minecraft maps and servers in 2021

The best Minecraft maps and servers in 2021

We offer you a list of maps and also servers for Minecraft, which will allow you to live many new experiences, many inspired by film licenses, and that you will love.

There are many things to do in Minecraft , and we could say that we are facing an infinite title, where the user has total creative freedom to advance, create settlements and even mold the different maps to their way of playing.

In addition to seeds that you can use to face different experiences, there are also a series of maps that the player community has created and that invite us to overcome a series of specific adventures, but in addition to maps we also have servers that come to introduce us to different adventures.

That is why in this article we are going to offer you the best custom maps for Minecraft, as well as the servers that you should visit to live practically endless experiences during the coming months.

The best Minecraft maps and servers in 2021

The best custom maps for Minecraft

The adventure of a lifetime ( download )

In this adventure we are put in the role of a villager who has never left his city, but a special event occurs that launches him to discover the world around him.

Calculate your escape ( download )

Throughout different puzzles, we have to progress through all the rooms that are offered to us, each with a puzzle that must be overcome.

Atla's Hope ( download )

If you like Norse mythology, you may be interested in entering this adventure that takes place just before the devastating Ragnarok event.

The Maze Runner ( download )

The film franchise also has a version in Minecraft where players are left in a world with no memories of the past, and inside a labyrinth that seems impossible to escape.

The Mystery of Herobrine ( download )

One of the haunting characters in the Minecraft franchise has his own game, at least created by the community. It is divided into chapters and you will learn much more about this hypothetical hostile enemy.

Witchcraft and Wizardry ( download )

Inspired by the Harry Potter franchise, this adventure takes us to three memorable places in the film franchise that also exposes part of its history.

VERTOAK CITY ( download )

If you don't want action and prefer much more exploration, you have at your disposal this fully detailed city, where you can learn a lot about the creation of buildings, and which also hides a few puzzles and riddles.

Skyblock ( download )

It is a map focused on survival, where you will have practically nothing around you and you will have to leave with very few resources.

Payday 2 End game ( download )

Another title inspired by a video game franchise, specifically in the Payday 2 installment, and you're going to have to carry out robberies, steal money and many other things, although in the style of Minecraft.

Assassin's Creep ( download )

Inspired by other well-known franchises, where we can make a series of stealthy approaches, climb buildings and do all kinds of crazy jumps, or at least try it in this version of Minecraft.

30 Ways to Die ( download )

Another map focused solely on the puzzle, and where you cannot move on to the next one until you solve the one you are immersed in, ideal for those who like mysteries and racking their brains at the same time.

Funland 3 ( download )

Map focused on a huge amusement park where you can perform a multitude of actions, and there are a series of roller coasters, water rides, restaurants or shops that you will have to visit and solve your own puzzles.

Best servers for Minecraft

Regarding the servers, they will allow us to expand the horizons of Minecraft much more and what you need to access them is to run the game regularly, then press multiplayer and then add a server with the name you want. Once you have done it, you must enter the IP address in the text box that appears after pressing control + V.



While Game of Thrones is over, you probably want a lot more, so you can give yourself a tribute with this server that is still constantly expanding.



If you like the world of pirates, and especially sailing with a pirate ship, this server is for you and the truth is that the design of the ships is totally impressive, and also the dangers that lie in wait for you.

Pixelmon Generations


Created based on a well-known collectible creature license, all Pokemon from generations one to seven will be presented to you in Minecraft format.



It is a server dedicated to Minigames, a kind of amusement park where you have a lot of little adventures to enjoy.

Middle Earth

Build IP address:

Event and PvP IP Address:

The Lord of the Rings universe also has a place in Minecraft, with a meticulously crafted map that closely resembles the original license.


IP or

If you want a bit of everything, this server has FPS games, painting games and even a kind of very curious version of Smash Bros.

The Mining Dead


If you like zombie games and also The Walking Dead cinematic license, you also have this opportunity to live it through the Minecraft experience.

Grand Theft Minecart


Surely you can guess in which video game it is inspiring and through this server you will enjoy two different game modes with a lot of weapons and missions.

Potter world


Another server inspired by a well-known license where there are magic and spells, and where you will have a large town that you can explore, complete missions and meet other magical characters.

Now thanks to all these maps and servers, it will be clear that you are going to have many hours of fun in Minecraft.

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