The riddle in the temple of Midas | Immortals - Fenyx Rising

To the west of the Moth in Immortals: Fenyx Rising you will find a locked temple. In addition to a special piece of armor, there is also a small lyre inside. How to open the temple and what else awaits you inside, we'll tell you here!

Gold, gold, your world is made of gold.

On the largest island of the Butterfly Rock you will find a temple in the west that is connected to King Midas. All around you will find golden plates with dishes that are also made of the precious metal.

The golden building is initially inaccessible to you due to a red blockage. To remove the blockage, you have to activate four crystals . The majority of these cannot be activated just like that and require you to think a little around the corner. In the following, we will show you how you activate the individual crystals and thus gain access to the temple.

First riddle

Probably the easiest of the riddles, since it is actually not one: If you have walked along the path to reach the temple, you will see the blue crystal in front of the red blockage. Activate this to unlock the first of four crystals.

Second riddle

Go left from the entrance until you see the statue of a satyr . There are three small stones around it. Grab one and throw it on the brittle wall across from the statue. If the wall fell, you can see a target behind a grille. Direct Apollon's arrow on this to get to the second crystal and activate it.

One can only guess whether this satyr is Silenus...

Third riddle

Go to the pool with a house in the middle. In front of one of the entrances to the temple is a pressure plate with a spring on which you have to put a light weight. For example, a small stone.

If the plate has been activated, the red lock is released and you can go into the house. Drop through the hole on the first floor and dive through another hole in the floor . Swim to the point where you can reappear and activate the crystal.

Fourth riddle

Enter the cave to light the torch.

From the third puzzle, move clockwise from the pressure plate. You can now see a tree with a locked torch in it. Run behind the tree and go into the cave . Go up the stairs and drop through the hole.

When you get down there is another pressure plate and a light weight on your left side and locked behind a grille . Use the strength of Heracles by holding down the mouse wheel and pressing [E].

The weight falls on the plate and breaks the red obstruction on the torch. Now shoot an arrow from Apollo through the grilles and the flames at the torch to get access to the fourth crystal.

With all the crystals activated, the red blockage at the entrance to the temple will loosen. Fight the warrior in the interior and you will be rewarded with the satyr fur of indulgence and a small lyre.

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