The soldier's grave | Immortals - Fenyx Rising

With Fenyx you play a really good soul in Immortals: Fenyx Rising . In addition to your help towards the gods, you also help a soldier to find his final resting place. Here we show you how to prepare and conduct his funeral.

Complete the soldier's grave and help him to the other side.

In the smallest region of the map, the Butterflies, a soldier has come to a tough end. So that the soldier's soul can safely get to the other side, you help him prepare his grave.

The mission A proper farewell starts with a mythical challenge from Odysseus in the south of the region. You must find and collect three components in order for a burial to take place. On this map we show you where you can find the individual objects for the soldier's grave

Here you will find the three components that you need for the soldier's grave.

The funeral ribbons

Directly behind the platform for the mythical challenge you will find a pedestal that is wrapped with flowers. On this are the tapes that you can collect. Have you done this, the mission and a dialogue between Zeus and Prometheus starts.

The soldier's wine

To the southeast of the first component for the funeral, you must look for the soldier's wine. If you look south from the platform of the mythical challenge, you will see two tower-like rocks on the left with the remains of ships. Climb on the smaller of the two.

At the top two harpies and a large soldier await you. Flatten them and go to the shipwreck that is next to you. You can collect the wine at the tip of the ship, which faces south.

The soldier's shield

The third component is not far from the second. If you have followed the marking of the quest, you will find yourself on a destroyed, small farm with a multitude of angry chickens. Here you will look in vain for the soldier's shield.

Head north, down from the farm to a large tree with a statue of a bull next to it. Here is a cave with a red barrier. You dissolve this when you put a heavy weight on the platform in front of the cave. Find a large stone from the area or cut a few trees to your right and take four tree trunks with you. Once the weight is placed on the platform, you enter the cave. The sign is on the right side of the wall.

The funeral

With the soldier's belongings in your luggage, you make your way back to the platform where you started the quest. Place the three components on the pedestal and thus grant the soldier's soul a safe transition to the other side.

With a clear conscience and a reward in your pocket, you have already completed the mission.

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