This is how you find and use ambrosia | Immortals - Fenyx Rising

The food of the gods is not withheld from you in Immortals: Fenyx Rising . The glittering crystals can be found all over the Gold Island. We'll tell you where you can find ambrosia and how you can process it in our guide!

Few mortals enjoy ragweed.

Ambrosia is a giver of life and nectar of the gods, which can be found all over the Gold Island. The colorful, glittering crystals increase your life energy and allow you to fight even the most nasty opponents.

In contrast to the lightning bolts of Zeus, you will not be made to collect Ambrosia in the course of the main quest. If you want to increase your life energy, you have to search for the crystals yourself.

Ambrosia localities

Ambrosia can be picked up anywhere on Gold Island . Sometimes it is guarded by opponents or can only be reached after an extensive climbing tour. In order to see the locations of the crystals on your map, you should stand on the highest possible point in the area and activate the distance view . Have a look around and discover the objects with the respective key.

This is how you use ambrosia

With some crystals in your luggage you make your way to the Hall of the Gods. Here you will find the Kylix of Athena , in which you throw the crystals. To increase your health, you need at least six Ambrosia to start with . The more often you improve your life energy, the more ambrosia you need for a new upgrade.

Your health can be improved up to 12 times , which brings your life energy up to 15 bars .

Your health

In addition to the expansion of your life energy through Ambrosia, there are other ways to withstand more damage and to make sure that you do not give up the spoon so quickly in a fight.

Upgrade your armor and your helmet at Hephaestus forge to withstand even the toughest attacks or collect the pomegranates from the Gold Island for a quick health boost. You can also brew a potion from the pomegranates that will replenish your health based on its improvements.

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