Try Race on the tundra in Fall Guys: How to win and qualify?

Try Race on the tundra in Fall Guys: How to win and qualify?

 We show you the best tips to pass the Race on the Tundra test in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout in order to qualify and win.

The Race on the Tundra trial is one of many you can face on your way to glory in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout , added to the game in Season 3 . In this section we are going to show you what it is and what are the best tips and tricks for it, so that you can qualify and win.

What is tundra?

  • Type of test: race.
  • Objective: reach the goal before your rivals.
  • How to play: Dodge the icy obstacles and race to the finish line.

How to win in Race on the Tundra consist of?

Race on the Tundra is another of the Fall Guys race-type events that can come out of the first. Here much of our success or failure depends a lot on our luck , but some skill also applies.

The different sections of the route that we must overcome and our advice are the following:

  • Two slopes with snowballs: on this outing it is especially important to avoid falling snowballs. There will be a lot of crowd of players, so move as you can.
  • Punching Fist Section: This part has an upper and lower level. In the upper one, the ground is also ice and you will slip, so many times more time is saved by jumping directly to the bottom and going up the slope, being careful with your fists.
  • Fans and Falls: What follows is a section with several square platforms to jump over or two ice rinks on the sides. If you are good on ice, you can try to go around the sides avoiding the poles to avoid bouncing. Otherwise, jump across the center blocks to cross, but be careful not to fall or do it while surrounded by rivals (and be careful because the platforms can propel you up).
  • Panels that bounce: then there will be a small slope with panels that make you bounce back. Be very careful with them, go dodging them and face the blast of air to go up.
  • Arrival at goal: to reach the goal you will have to use the bouncing panels that we have seen just before, but this time they send you in the direction that interests you. So hover over one (try to be alone without other players) and jump onto the ice plate to go to another panel.

With a bit of luck you won't have a problem qualifying. This is a test where many can get stuck with ice and fists , so with a little practice you will soon master it.

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