Twin Mirror-Game Walkthrough

Twin Mirror-Game Walkthrough

Complete walkthrough of the Twin Mirror game with a description of all endings and the necessary actions to get the best ending

Twin Mirror is a new game from the authors of Life Is Strange. In this guide, you will find a complete walkthrough of her story.

Walkthrough Twin Mirror - Road to Town

We watch a short introductory video, in which the main character returns to his hometown for a friend's funeral. On the way, Sam will stop at a familiar place, and we will be able to admire the beautiful view of Baswood. We go downstairs, examine the nearest objects and pass along a small path forward until we find ourselves on the observation deck. The hero will think and be transferred to his memories. We go up the stairs and along the way we restore all the memories that will drive up on special platforms. Having reached the very top, we learn about the main reason for Sam's departure.


After watching another video, we meet the girl Joan, the daughter of Nick's best friend. She is sure that her father could not have crashed his car through his own fault. In dialogue, we apologize for our deed and make the first important choice in the game. After talking with our inner voice, which appears in the form of an imaginary friend, we promise to help the child and conduct an investigation. She will be delighted and go back to the bar. We approach Walter and, after a short conversation, hug him. We approach the vending machine with magazines on the right and study the latest issue of the local newspaper after purchase. We examine the cars and nearby objects: a bicycle, posters of football matches, a door and a sign around the corner of the building, and then we go inside the building.

We listen to unpleasant statements in our direction and decide to remain silent. We tell Officer Declan that we came only for Nick's sake and we are examining the premises. We pass a little forward and meet Tara and Hugh, the new owner of the pharmacy. We study the machine and find ourselves again in the halls of the mind. We restore the memory and observe the dance scene with Anna. We communicate with the rest of the visitors and approach Katie. In all dialogues we try to be friendly and tell the truth. We ask Walter about the accident. We condole with Katy and do not mention the incident and death of a friend. We examine the photo and restore one more memory, and then we hang the item on the free space on the board.

We watch Anna's beautiful song, examine the flowers and the guitar, and talk to our friend. We hug her and inform her that it was very difficult to come back. In the dialogue, we do not touch upon the topic of the accident and her relationship with Nick. After talking with Anna, Walter will offer a drink. We talk with the police and Tara and go to the bar. We tell the owner of the establishment that everyone loved Nick and he was a good father. Let's make a toast and write a message to Joan. Sam will stay at the bar until late at night and then wake up in his room.


We examine all items, including tablets and a refrigerator. We wash in the sink and find a bloody shirt in the bath. We transfer to the palaces and run away from the unknown pursuer. We dodge all the doors and run only through the opening with the inscription “Deep breath”. We repeat the same thing and go through the door with the inscription “You need to calm down”. The desired opening is always marked with the phrase white, not turquoise. The third time, all doors will change location and sometimes I will move. We do not react to changes and follow the path chosen in advance. The required opening is marked with the inscription “Stop”.

We find ourselves in another room with three mirrors illuminated in yellow. It is necessary to choose the left one, in which Sam's reflection offers to stay in the city and find answers. We return to the ordinary world and answer the inner voice that we want to find out all the details of the incident.


We find ourselves in the back room of the bar. We examine the family photo and an unknown bottle on the top shelf of the rack, and then we pass into the main hall of the establishment. We study the evidence:

  1. A glass on the counter.
  2. Broken clock.
  3. Upside down furniture.
  4. Scratched sofa.
  5. We examine the destroyed rack with photographs: we study the blood and the broken vase, we find Dennis' bracelet.
  6. Among the scattered bottles of beer near the bar, we raise Hugh's business card.
  7. We examine Joel's cap near the jukebox.
Now there is enough evidence, so we restore the correct sequence of evening events. To do this, we return to the palaces of the mind and one by one we approach the iconic places and answer the questions posed.

Correct fight sequence:

  1. Started at the bar.
  2. Continued at the column.
  3. Ended up at the stand with photographs.
  4. Dennis is the second participant in the event.
After all the actions are chosen correctly, Sam will return to the ordinary world and try to remember all the events of the evening. The hero will remember that after the fight Dennis asked to meet him in order to tell the whole truth about Nick, but at the very last moment an inner voice will warn of Ethan's appearance, so the hero will not have time to find out the exact address of the meeting. We decide to stay at the bar to meet the owner. We apologize for our action and say that we are very sorry about what happened. Sam will report that he is ashamed and will leave the room on the street.

Baswood Center

There is still a little time before meeting Anna, so we set off to explore the surroundings and communicate with passers-by to find out Dennis's whereabouts. We go to the left and listen to all Joan's conversation, we warn her to be careful. We pass further along the street and communicate with the old man. We choose any calm answer options. We meet an old friend Joe, Anna's father, who became disabled several years ago due to events in the mines. We choose true answer options and go further. Across the road we meet the waitress and go right.

At the end of the street we meet officer Declan, who will complain about his work. We go to the pharmacy, examine the items and listen to Tara's long monologue. We communicate with Hugh, who will praise Sam's decision to divulge the truth about the mines and ask for a small favor. We tell the owner of the pharmacy about mom and promise to help. Katie was already free, so there was an opportunity to ask her a few questions. As soon as all the acquaintances have been interviewed, you can return to the cafe. Anna is going to work all day, so the girl is already at the meeting point and ready to talk to Sam at any time. We go into the institution and meet Christina, who will ask to raise board games. We ask her not to take many items next time and examine the card. We restore the memory with Joan in the palace of the mind and go back to the conversation.

We talk again with the woman and other people in the cafe, carefully inspect the establishment and approach Anna. At the end of a short dialogue, we tell the truth about the fight and go to the newspaper office in search of Dennis. We communicate with Walter on the way, choose the first answer about the cowboy fighting to the very end, and follow to the desired door, which will be locked. The teasers from the bar will approach Sam. We do not provoke a conflict and answer that we will leave as soon as we finish with business.

Editorial staff

We pass inside the building through the back door, where we find the corpse of Dennis. We are transported to the palaces of reason and quickly find the journalist in the crowd with the inscription “He”. We do not kill doubles and choose only the correct option. We repeat this action two more times and watch a short video. We can examine all the evidence, but it is enough to build the correct sequence:

  1. Dennis's chest.
  2. Hole in the back.
  3. Bullet trail.
  4. Holster
  5. The killer is holding the gun.
  6. Dennis's body.

Sam scared off the killer at night and turned Dennis over, so his shirt was covered in blood. We examine the body again and read the correspondence on the computer. Dennis went through letters from the entire editorial board, so he found out that Nick was investigating something important. We go to the office opposite and examine the workplace of a friend. We take away the photo for memory and examine the diary from the other side. It contains the cipher from the archive: “3121”. We return to the office and open the locked box with documents. We get acquainted with the contents in three folders and confirm Sam's guesses about Nick's investigation.

We follow to Walter's office and examine the computer. We read the password hint and study all the objects in the office: an article on the wall, books, posters, postcards and letters on the editor's desk. The correct password would be Baswood. We read two letters and find inconsistencies in the everyday life of a friend: he was always sober at the wheel, he always fastened his seat belt and never closed the window. We leave Walter's office and observe a small dialogue between Sam and an imaginary friend. Anna suddenly appears, who must be asked to trust the hero. We agree to call the police and go with a friend to the scene of Nick's accident.

Twin Mirror Walkthrough - Accident Location

We leave the car and go down the slope in search of evidence. Sam needs to inspect part of the road above and go down to the river, and then return and climb the hill:

  1. Downed burnt road signs.
  2. There are no signs of braking.
  3. Tire tracks.
  4. Burning place of a car and a charred tree by the cliff.
  5. A log on the other side of the road.
  6. Gasoline stain and sign at the top of the road.

We go to the palaces of the mind and, after a short video, we correctly match all the leads received:

  • Nick is unconscious.
  • The car caught fire.
  • There were no obstacles.
Sam realizes that the police report is not made correctly: the friend's car was doused with gasoline and set on fire, and then pushed off the road. After the chain of events is restored, Anna will be called by her father, who will inform her that they have broken into her house. We leave with a friend to the crime scene.

Anna's house

Having reached the house, Anna will go to comfort her father. In a conversation with an inner voice, choose the option "I can handle it" and go further along the road. We find the girl talking with her father. We agree with our friend and promise Joe to look after Anna. The girl's father will go to the doctor, and Anna will go into the house. We examine the gazebo and follow our friend inside. The girl is not feeling well, so first of all she should be supported. We examine the surrounding objects and put things in order at the window. Comes to the table next to the posters and restore the memory. We leave the room and hang in place a frame with a photograph lying on the floor, and on the back door we raise the blinds. We pass into the kitchen and open the cabinet below. We choose any drink and refer it to Anna.

During a conversation, it is worth stopping the girl and giving her a glass. The friend will calm down and Sam will be able to talk to her calmly. In further remarks, we support Anna and choose the lines “You are not alone”, “You were right”, “Did not want to get married”, “They were not doomed” and “I am always there”. So Sam will be able to calm the girl down and establish a common language. After the conversation, we go up the stairs and study the mess. First of all we examine the locked door on the left and we pass into Joan's room.

We restore the memory with the bed in the palace of the mind, follow to the bedroom and look at the laptop. Someone is downloading data right now from Nick's device. An unknown person will knock Sam out with an accurate blow to the head, so the hero will not have time to see the person's face. Anna will come running to the noise, who will help Sam get up. The girl will remember that Nick often stayed late in his fishing hut. The hero decides to examine it to try to find a backup copy of the data from the laptop. Before Sam and Anna leave, the police woman Bess Mitchell will be caught off guard, so the friends will split up and the main character will go to the river alone.

Fishing hut

We examine Joan's bike, a fire and a broken fishing rod. Once again, restore a fragment of memory and go into the building. Joan wants to leave town, so you need to dissuade the child from this venture. We clarify if everything is in order at home and ask the girl not to repeat Sam's mistakes. We tell you about the investigation and mention the morning conversation. The hero will manage to dissuade Joan from leaving for a couple of days, but the child promises to leave the city if Sam does not find out the true circumstances of Nick's death. We examine all the objects in the room: photographs on the wall, Joan's cache and Nick's bag. We leave through another door and study the comic strip on the bench. We sit down on a bench at the edge of the wooden bridge and, after a short reflection of the hero, we return back to the hut. We try to open the cabinet, but it turns out to be locked. The key is hidden in a fish on the wall.

We open Nick's locked vault and be sure to examine all the items: a note on the top shelf, Katy's tablets and a calendar in the center of the cabinet, an advertisement for universities and an article from a magazine in the bottom drawer. We take out a bag with a friend's equipment from under the bed and match the clue with the colored balls and the drawing on the wall. The correct combination to open the fishing bag is right, down, left, right, up. We examine money, drugs and files. After examining three folders, we stop our choice on Richard, nicknamed Dickie, who is Nick's informant and lives on the "Pier". Anna wrote an article about this commune, so she knows where this place is. We suggest she go there with Sam.

Twin Mirror Walkthrough - The Marina

We are discussing with Anna the plan to find Dickie. We listen carefully to the girl and are not distracted by the inner voice. We inform the girl that we are ready to do anything to find an informant, since the police will want to arrest Sam anyway. After an altercation with Dennis at a bar, he is the prime suspect, so finding the killer is paramount.

When we reach our destination, we meet Tyler. We trust the conversation to Anna and silently listen to the whole dialogue. The girl will go to the founder of the community, Lynette, and Sam decides to look around. We ask the girl Kayla about the informant. She will tell you that Dickie is constantly riding a noisy ATV. We examine the bear made of wood and other objects on the right side of the camp. We go back and get acquainted with Jay-Ar, who recognizes Sam and refuses to help. We go around the trailer on the right side and find Tyler, who will tell you that Dickie lives in the trailer. We approach Anna and Lynette. We ask the woman about the informant and find out that Dickie lives separately. We collate the facts and find the desired mobile home behind Tyler's trailer upstairs, next to which there is an ATV. We head along the path to the house, but the angry residents of the community will not miss Sam.

Gathering information to develop a plan to distract Jay-Ara and Tyler:

  1. We again inspect the bear, covered with flammable liquid.
  2. Examining the varnish and matches behind the wooden figure in Kylie's workshop.
  3. A closet, pantry and table are suitable for shelter.
  4. We examine the hose near Lynette's trailer and the van at the entrance.
We inform Anna that we have found Diki's location and ask her to help in implementing the plan.

We correctly combine information in the palaces of the mind:

  1. Anna has to unwind the hose.
  2. Sam should go out when he's alone.
  3. During a fire, you need to hide behind a curtain.
After a short video we pass to Dickie's dwelling. We do not show aggression towards him and let Sam tell everything. We learn that officer Declan is behind all the crimes. The interrogation will be stopped by the inhabitants of the commune. We do not enter into a skirmish and peacefully leave the "Pier".

Reflections on the road

In a conversation with an inner voice, we choose any option. At some point, Sam will think about it and lose control of the car. Anna will be able to turn the steering wheel at the last moment. The heroes will not get into a car accident and will miraculously survive. Sam will be transported to the palaces of the mind, but inside everything is destroyed, and the mind lives a separate life. We go up the stairs and go through the door. We find ourselves in the labyrinth, go forward until we find an ATV and an imaginary friend by the fire. We continue our path and open passages through the glass evidence until we find a door with a red light. We go inside and find many identical passages.

It is necessary to go through the same door four times in a row. For this task, the right door from the front left corner will do. Sam will return to the maze. We go forward and find ourselves in Dennis's office. You need to choose the correct sequence and build a path to exit the maze:

  1. Declan shoots Dennis.
  2. Clock on the left, showing eleven o'clock.

We go up one more stairs and observe the childhood memory of Sam. We find ourselves in a large hall with a bunch of doppelgangers of an imaginary friend who gradually disappear. We follow the closest person. If the desired projection is selected, then the double will take Sam to a special passage. Three memories will appear around the hero. Examining scenes from the past and studying the suggested cues of the inner voice. We choose only positive advice:

  1. In the scene with the ring, we mark the person standing behind Sam, who offers to simply listen to Anna.
  2. In a conversation with Nick before leaving, we point out a person sitting on the ground, who will advise him to tell a friend about his feelings.
  3. At the moment of goodbye to Joan we listen to a man standing behind Sam, who suggests trying to explain to the child the reason for leaving.

After each correct choice, an imaginary friend will nod to Sam, confirming the correct choice. We are transported to a hall with many doubles. There is no logic in choosing the correct projection. We notice a small hint: if the option is incorrect, the person is only highlighted.

Correct choices:

  1. A man sitting near the bed.
  2. Doppelganger digging in a bookcase.
  3. Projection next to the white door

Let's go ahead and find out the truth about the appearance of an imaginary friend. We pass through the white door. A stone bridge will begin to build in front of Sam. We go upstairs and reach the mirror, in which we see the projection of the inner voice. We answer a few questions and make a choice in favor of society or loneliness in the palace of the mind. To get the best ending, we stop at the first option. All the finals can be found at the very end of the passage. Sam will understand that he tried to make the world for the better, but in the end he broke his life. The hero accepts the proposal of an imaginary friend, passes through the mirror and is transported into reality.


We go down the stairs to the right of the car and go forward to the observation deck. We find Anna, apologize to her and thank the girl for being with her now. We examine the container for food and on the right wall we find a red flash drive. Declan will take the heroes by surprise. We select any replicas. We distract the policeman with a conversation when an inner voice informs that Anna is up to something.

We listen carefully to the clues of an imaginary friend to get a good ending. We inform the policeman that it is not profitable to kill heroes and you can do without new deaths. We suggest Declan pick up the files and leave. We assure him that Sam wants to live by choosing the "Practical People" option, and then distracting the offender with the phrase "You won't regret it." We watch a spectacular fight. Anna and Declan shoot each other: the policeman will die, and the girl will get off with a minor wound.


After the incident, Sam will come to visit Anna at her home. On the way we meet all our friends. We exchange a couple of phrases with Hugh, go on and listen to gratitude for saving our daughter from Joe. We talk with Katie and try to help her, and then we promise Joan to see her more often. We recommend that Walter take Anna to the post of editor-in-chief and talk to the female police officer. We go to the gazebo and talk to Anna. We give her a photo from Nick's desk from the editorial office and agree with her. We tell the girl the good news about her new appointment and inform her that we will stay in the city for a while.

All Twin Mirror endings

To achieve all the endings in the game, there are only two important choices to make:

  • Accept the help of an imaginary friend and return to reality, or reject and remain alone in the palace of the mind.
  • Talk to Declan and prevent Anna from dying, or anger the cop and allow another murder.

Best Twin Mirror Ending. Reality

To achieve this ending, all previous decisions will not affect the ending to a greater extent, however, for maximum realism, you need to remain friendly with people around you, calmly listen to their conversations and support them with advice in difficult times. It is recommended to pick up a photo on Nick's desk at the newspaper office. In the final, the following choices must be made:

  1. In the palaces we accept the offer of an imaginary friend.
  2. Once in reality, we apologize to Anna and thank her for being around in such a difficult situation.
  3. In a conversation with Declan, choose calm remarks that the inner voice suggests (“Everyone trusted you”, “Appeal to your conscience”, “It’s not profitable for you”, “You can do without murder”, “Take the flash drive and leave”, “Practical people”, "You will not regret").

Anna will take the gun away from Declan and then they will shoot each other. The girl will live, and the policeman will die. We visit a friend after discharge from the hospital and have friendly conversations with all people:

  1. Hugh. We inform you about a difficult week and ask about things at the pharmacy.
  2. Joe. We confirm that a man is obliged to keep his word and say that it was not difficult to help.
  3. Katie. We tell that Joan is worried about her and accept the offer to spend more time with the child and take her over.
  4. Joan. We ask the girl to tell the truth and ask her to look after her mother, as she needs help.
  5. Walter. We are glad that Anna is still alive and we propose to take her to the post of editor-in-chief of the newspaper.
  6. Bess. We support the woman and ask her not to blame herself for what happened.
  7. Anna. We give the photo from the editorial office and agree with its conclusions. We clarify that everything is fine now, but something escaped Sam, so there were some doubts. We convince the girl to accept the offer, reminding her of an old dream, and inform her that we will definitely stay in the city for a while.

Good ending with Twin Mirror. Palaces

  1. We choose the halls of reason and watch the disappearance of an imaginary friend.
  2. We choose any remarks in a conversation with Declan and look forward to decisive action from Anna.
  3. As soon as the pistol falls to the ground, we are transported to the palaces of the mind and choose the correct sequence: we throw a stone at the policeman, we attack him from an ambush and change the location of the weapon.
Sam manages to distract the criminal, and Anna will be in perfect order, because nothing will interfere with her survival. At the girl's house, the inner voice will be absent in conversations with other people, and the hero will receive all the necessary information from the halls of reason. In the final video, Sam will leave town after paying for his friend's treatment at the hospital.

Bad ending Twin Mirror. Reality

  • We repeat all actions in the palaces of mind, however, upon meeting with Declan, we decide to step forward.
  • In the conversation, we inform you that we wanted to find out the truth, and Dickie is ready to tell the whole truth to the rest of the residents, so we suggest that the criminal confess everything.
  • The key action in this scene is Anna's call to action.
The policeman will shoot at Anna, and Sam will try to take away the weapon, but before she dies, the girl will still have time to fire back and kill Declan. The action will be transferred to the cemetery, where you can communicate with the secondary characters. Conversations will not affect anything, and the story will end with the main character's speech and Anna's funeral.

Worst Twin Mirror ending. Palaces

  1. We choose loneliness in front of the mirror and the imaginary friend will disappear for good.
  2. When Anna attacks Declan, we activate the palaces of mind and investigate possible actions. We choose a pistol, but the policeman will take out another weapon and aim at the main character. Anna will have time to push Sam away and save him.
  3. We use again the halls of mind and attack the policeman from an ambush, but Declan still has time to shoot the girl.
We use the ability one last time and let the criminal shoot at Sam. The emergency phone will be damaged and the main character will not have time to call an ambulance for his girlfriend.
The scene with the cemetery will be repeated, but this time Sam will be completely alone, and all the lines of an imaginary friend can be seen with the help of the halls of mind.

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