Twin Mirror Solution: All clues, riddles & codes

Twin Mirror Solution: All clues, riddles & codes

In our Twin Mirror solution we tell you how you can find all clues, solve all the puzzles of the adventure and achieve the best Twin Mirror ending.

In our Twin Mirror solution you will find out:

  • As you all the clues and codes found
  • As you all Twin Mirror puzzle solves
  • How do you find the best Twin Mirror-end reached

Twin Mirror is a new storytelling adventure for PC , PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that is also compatible with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Developer Dontnod, the makers of Life is Strange, is behind the adventure game . In our Twin Mirror solution, tell you how to find all clues, solve all puzzles and achieve the best ending.

Twin mirror solution: all puzzles and clues at a glance

If you've already played Life is Strange 2  Or Life is Strange: Before the Storm, You will quickly feel at home in Twin Mirror . In the new role-playing game, you slip into the role of journalist Samuel Higgins, who returns to his hometown Basswood for the funeral of an old childhood friend.

Your goal in Twin Mirror is to collect clues and to reconstruct the true events around the death of your friend. Was it a tragic accident or cold blooded murder? So that you can find out the answer as quickly as possible, we reveal the locations of all clues and the solutions to all puzzles in our Twin Mirror Walkthrough.

Coal Miners Haven: All Clues & Q&A

The day after the funeral, you're back in the shabby Coal Miners Haven bar . To the right of the front door you will see the first Twin Mirror sign of scratched seat . You will also find a broken bottle on the floor in front of the door. Then you take a closer look at the spilled glasses on the counter. You will also take the clues from Nick's souvenir on the stage platform and a broken clock by the red column.

Continue searching for clues for a cutscene and collect Hugh's business card on the right side of the bar. In addition, Joel's hat is right next to the jukebox and Dennis bangle in front of the plaque with the flower pot. In the subsequent question and answer session, you answer as follows:

Twin Mirror Q&A: Coal Miners Haven




Where does it start?

At the bar

Where did the argument go?

Towards the pillar

When to come out

On stage

Who was involved?



Basswood Jungle: All hints, password & safe combination

After you have reached the Basswood Jungle, you have to reconstruct the crime and collect all Twin Mirror clues. Starts with Dennis Computer. Read the e-mails AW: Curiosity E-Mail and Urgent E-Mail in the inbox of his PC. Then switch to the draft folder and take a look at Dennis draft .

Furthermore, the first e-mail and second e-mail in Walter's computer inbox provide important information - the correct password for Walter's computer is: "Basswood". Then you need Nick's notes from his safe. The appropriate safe combination is: "3121".

This is how you succeed in reconstructing the incident:

  • Chest injury
  • Bullet on the back
  • Bullet impact on the desk wall
  • Position of the shooter
  • Holster on the desk
  • Dennis gun

Nick's scene of the accident: Find all Twin Mirror clues

As you have already guessed, you will find more information about what happened at Nick's accident site. You can see traces of fire in front of the burned tree . You also discover a charred tree near the river. In the bend just before the accident site, you will take three pieces of information with you: bend signs , tire tracks and no skid marks . You will also discover a street sign and a petrol stain at the end of the upper street and a tree trunk by Samuel's car.

Once you have collected all the clues from our Twin Mirror solution, you can reconstruct the incident :

  • Nick was passed out
  • The car was on fire
  • There was no obstacle in the way

Fishing hut: lock combination & hints

Now our twin mirror solution will take you to Nick's favorite spot on the lake. In the fishing hut you can find the locker key in the picture on the wall. Use it to search the locker . At the top is a note , in the middle is a calendar and a magazine article in the lower area of ​​the locker.

Now it 's time to pick the pocket lock combination on Nick's fishing bag . The picture with the caterpillar will help you here - or you can save yourself the thought and use the correct solution from our Twin Mirror Walkthrough: Right, Down, Left, Right. A little later you conclude that the person you are looking for after the letter "D" must be Richard.

The Bay: All hints & correct answers

In the bay you first talk to everyone present before you start looking for information. In our Twin Mirror solution, we find the notes cabinet , table and curtain in the middle of the square. In addition, lacquer and glaze as well as a matchbox that you both discover at Kayla's wood workshop. All that's missing is the bear statue next to Kayla's tent, the water hose next to Lynette's hut and the van key near the gray van before you have all the Twin Mirror clues from the bay in your pocket.

The next round of questions follows, in which you plan your way to the caravan. We'll tell you the right solution:

Twin Mirror Q&A: The Bay




What should Anna do?

Sabotage the water hose

Where are you hiding?

Behind the curtain

When to come out

Once alone


Twin Mirror Solution: How to Escape the Palace of Thoughts

If you have followed our Twin Mirror solution this far, you will now find yourself in the palace of thoughts. In Sam's spiritual retreat, the memory snippets lie in ruins and chaos . First follow the only way, up the stairs and through the door.

You find yourself in a labyrinth, in which you walk straight ahead until you meet an ATV and an imaginary friend by the campfire. Then you follow the path and reach a door with a red light behind which there are several identical passages. To escape from the Mind Palace maze , you have to go through the right door in the front left corner four times in a row.

A little later you are in Dennis's office and reconstruct the events:

  • Declan shoots Dennis
  • The left clock shows 11:00 a.m.

Then you experience three childhood memories of Samuel. First you are in a large hall full of doubles of your imaginary friend. Follow the doppelganger who is closest to you and reconstruct the following childhood memories :

  1. In the memory with the ring, you mark the person behind Sam who suggests Anna listen .
  2. In conversation with Nick, you point to the person who is sitting on the floor and advising you to tell a friend about his feelings.
  3. When you say goodbye to Joan, you listen to the man behind Samuel, who wants to explain the reasons for the decision to the child.

Then you go through the white door, whereupon a stone bridge manifests in front of you. Cross it, run up the stairs and come to a mirror that shows a projection of your inner voice. After you have discussed some questions with yourself, you have to decide: do you accept the help of your imaginary friend and return to reality or do you stay alone in your thought palace?

Twin Mirror: How do I get the best ending?

If you want to get the best Twin Mirror ending, take the help of the imaginary friend. Back in reality, you apologize to Anna and thank you for her support. In the following scene you talk to everyone and only choose the calming suggestions of your inner voice.

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