Unique features from the Animal Crossing New Horizons catalog in the NSO app

Unique features from the Animal Crossing New Horizons catalog in the NSO app

NookLink, in the Nintendo Switch Online application, includes a new function that allows you to consult our Animal Crossing New Horizons catalog with options not available in the game. It is very useful!

One of the silent news that the last update of Animal Crossing New Horizons had has not to do with the Switch game, but with the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app. This was recently updated to include a feature that allows access to the object catalog . And it is very useful!

The first thing you should know is that the NSO app, on Android and iOS, can be used even if you don't pay for the Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Without the subscription you cannot play online, but the app includes very useful functions such as scanning QR codes that are automatically included in the game.

This new function allows you to consult at a glance all the objects that we have in our game catalog, if you can order or not, search by filters... Precisely, through the app we can find very useful filters and options, which inexplicably cannot they are available within the game, so we strongly encourage you to use them.

Of course, keep in mind that it only allows you to consult the catalog, DO NOT buy objects with the berries in the game . This has to be done directly in the game.

Features from the Animal Crossing catalog of the NSO app (and not in the game)

The app allows you to search by name, see a list in alphabetical order, but also two options that are not in the game. One allows you to view Recently Added, that is, the last 20 items that have been added to the in-game catalog (when purchased from the store or obtained from other sources).

They can also be added to favorites (up to 100 objects) to always have them visible. Remember, you cannot buy them, but you can check their category (Fashion, Furniture, Walls ...), their purchase price, their resale price, if there are several colors and if they are customizable and especially if they can be ordered or not.

If you use the search engine, you will also have options that are not available in the game. Perhaps the one we like the most is the category of Works of Art, which will be essential every time Ladino comes and we do not remember which works we have and which we are missing (as there is no category in the game search engine, we had to search for Portraits, Paintings, Statues ... and it was a bummer).

Unfortunately, there is no category that designates the figures of critters and fish that Kamilo and CJ make us. For those cases, you have to write Figures (for the smallest bugs and fish) and Statue (for the largest) in the search engine.

What you can look for are Neighbor Fossils and Posters . And some last exclusive and very useful filters: Colors, if it is available to order, if it is customizable or not, its price range and its size.

Why aren't these options and filters in the game? Without a doubt, they would make our lives much easier when planning our expansions and renovations in the town, or when we go shopping at the store and see if we already have something or not. At least we already have a weight option to use the mobile app. Even if we are very pro players of Animal Crossing, we can even plan on paper and with our mobile the reforms that we will make on our island, so as not to waste time in the game ...

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