Vampire Bloodlines 2: Don't expect an early 2021 release

Vampire Bloodlines 2: Don't expect an early 2021 release

If you are waiting for Vampire Bloodlines 2, you should be patient. The game should appear in the second half of 2021 at the earliest.

The development of Vampire Bloodlines 2 has been struggling for a while . The game was supposed to be released in early 2020. Two postponements later, it will not come until 2021. Ebba Ljungerud, CEO of the publisher Paradox, further dampens expectations of the release date.

When is Vampire Bloodlines 2 coming?

As before, there is no absolutely specific release date, but Ljungerud limits it a bit. He himself assumes that you wo n't get to see the role-playing game in the first half of 2021 . So at the earliest you can play it in summer 2021, but a postponement to the year 2022 is not excluded.

The reasons for this are diverse. Due to the postponements so far, plans include releasing the game on the new generation of consoles. This decision further delayed the launch. Because for this, the team needs appropriate developer kits from the console manufacturers. However, according to Ljungerud, neither Sony nor Microsoft had enough due to the corona pandemic.

Other problems too: It wasn't until October 2020 that the project with Cara Ellison lost its senior narrative designer. This position has been taken over by Samantha Wallschlaeger , who previously worked on projects such as Guild Wars 2, Mass Effect: Andromeda and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

What else comes to vampires?

In addition to the single-player role-playing game, a still nameless battle royale spin-off is currently in development. This not only wants you to compete against other players with supernatural abilities, but also offers PvE elements.

In contrast to Bloodlines 2, however, it is not developed by Hardsuit Labs, but by Sharkmob, which is made up of former Ubisoft employees. The release date of this offshoot is currently just as vague as that of the single-player role-playing game: It should appear sometime in 2021.

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